CDA President

General Manson was Chief of the Defence Staff (1986-1989). A former fighter pilot, he served extensively with Canada's NATO Forces in Europe. Following military service, he was President of Montreal-based Paramax. He is Past Chair of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, and former President of the CDAI. In 2002 he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada and was the 2003 recipient of the Vimy Award.

Articles by this writer

April 2021  |  Magazine

The history of military equipment acquisition in Canada includes some notable failures, but also some solid success stories. Can any of these lessons be applied effectively in the struggle to reverse the continuing decline in Canada’s defence procurement situation today?

September 2006  |  Magazine

Opposition party’s remarkably myopic vision of what is really going on in Afghanistan, disregards the consequences of such a misguided policy. Canada cannot betray her allies by giving up in the effort to create the stability required in order for reconstruction to proceed. Any assumption that the Taliban could be encouraged to sit at the negotiating table is pure nonsense.

January 2006  |  Magazine

The acquisition of equipment and related services for the Canadian Forces has become the hottest subject in town, for a simple reason: the situation, long deteriorating, has now reached the critical stage.