Editor, Opérationnels SLDS

Murielle Delaporte, born in 1961 in France, is the founder and editor of the only bilingual magazine (French and English) that focuses in particular on sustainment and logistics, Opérationnels SLDS (formerly Soutien Logistique Défense). 

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April 2018  |  Magazine, Magazine

Being ready for the next battles, and anticipating new forms of combat beyond Maginot lines that may be required to “bring tomorrow’s topics to the table”, and especially where national political decision-makers meet, is key. It is therefore important to raise the technological awareness of NATO member leaders.

December 2016  |  Magazine

Industry and government representatives from around the world gathered to learn about new naval technologies and concepts. 

December 2015  | 

Known as "no-go" zones to police, dozens of areas in France have become “notorious” as enclaves of Muslims who are resisting Western rule of law.

October 2015  |  Interviews, Magazine

Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group One (SNMCMG 1) contributes to keeping sea trade safe and open.

March 2015  |  Magazine, Magazine

The tiny country of Djibouti, uniquely situated where the Africa, Arabia and Somalia tectonic plate boundaries meet, is becoming recognized as a strategic location for military efforts. French, US, and Japan’s armed forces, currently based in the area guarding the Bab-el-Mandeb Straight, are assigned missions on this triple front.

Articles by this writer

February 2021  |  Opinion

The question of the direct defense in Europe today is broader than just the Russian challenge. More than ever before, global alliances allow nations to work together, and that achievement is key to creating multi-national coalitions of the willing and fortify real deterrents.