Navy Affairs

Jerrod Riley is the National Deputy Director of the Navy League of Canada.

Articles by this writer

March 2009  |  Magazine

The failing procurement situation for the Joint Support Ships (JSS) indicates serious repercussions for our sovereignty and economic well-being. The situation must be addressed quickly.

May 2008  |  Magazine

Politicians continue to put ‘Party First.’ As a result, our ocean approaches will be without a credible naval presence for up to seven years.

March 2008  |  Magazine

The Canadian government has approved an ambitious initiative, under the umbrella of the HCM and Frigate Life Extension (FELEX) projects. These frigates form the bulk of our surface combat capability and are in need of upgrades.

March 2008  |  Interviews, Magazine

Interviews with Tom Digan (Lockheed) and Steven Yankowich (General Dynamics)

July 2005  |  Magazine

''The little ship that could'' is enjoying a renaissance in the global naval community. Will corvettes brave the North Atlantic once again?

July 2004  |  Magazine, Reviews

“This story needed to be told” - Book review