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Major Jonathan Knaul began his CF career 27 yrs ago – primarily flying helicopters in support of the Army, both in Canada and overseas (Kosovo and Afghanistan). He attended RMC, obtained a PhD and, after several years service as a combat pilot, was trained at the Ministry of Defence test pilot school in Marseilles, France. He is currently an active experimental test pilot and Flight Test Safety Officer for the RCAF, in Cold Lake.

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September 2015  |  Magazine, Reviews

Book Review by Jonathan Knaul: TEST AND EVALULATION OF AIRCRAFT AVIONICS AND WEAPON SYSTEMS, 2nd EDITION, by Robert E. McShea.  SciTech Publishing, 2014.

Articles by this writer

January 2013  |  Magazine, Magazine

Used by NASA, Aquarius (the only permanent sea floor habitat in the world, and amazing resource) is at risk of being shut down. Read the personal stories of two amazing Canadians.