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Ian Parker, a graduate of the US Naval War College, is a retired naval officer with 37 years in the Canadian Navy. He has served in command and staff appointments at sea and in NDHQ. He has held appointments ranging from strategic force development, force planning, including involvement in several Defense reviews, requirements development and implementation as well as Human Resource Management. Since retirement he has worked as a defence and strategic analysis consultant as an associate with CFN Consultants.

Articles by this writer

July 2014  |  Magazine

Canada's military focus has changed from strategic to tactical thinking.

July 2013  |  Magazine

For five years, the defence community has looked to the Canada First Defence Strategy (CFDS) for direction. Today, in a greatly changed world, it may be time to change the CFDS as well.

March 2013  |  Magazine, Magazine

Will Mahans’ advice to ''build a strong navy” be evident in the NSPS roll-out?

September 2012  |  Magazine

Canada needs to take a top down approach to developing an affordable defence policy and defence structure, matching resources with government policy.

May 2012  |  Magazine

Regrettably, conventional wisdom will deliver different system solutions for each Navy or Coast Guard class or ship, dramatically increasing demand for future resources to support training, maintenance and supply requirements.