Col (ret) GARY H. RICE
Military Affairs

Colonel (retired) Gary H. Rice served in Germany at the height of the Cold War during the 1961 Berlin Crisis and 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, with Allied Command Mobile Force (Land) in North Norway and in all regions of Canada. He was the Army’s first Director of Medical Administration and Resources, Chief Instructor, Medical Services School, Commanding Officer 1st Canadian Field Hospital, and Head of Medical Plans and Operations. He retired after 37 years of active service. Since 9/11, he wrote several papers on national security and defence issues, and independently worked to strengthen Canada’s defence structure. He passed away in December 2010, and will be missed by many, including his friends at FrontLine.

Articles by this writer

September 2008  |  Magazine

To fulfill future security and humanitarian missions requiring long-range fleet deployments, the Navy will need capabilities of both replenishment ships and purpose built expeditionary amphibious ships.

July 2005  |  Magazine

Because Canadians no longer live in a “fire-proof house” perhaps now might be the right occasion to pay heed to the words of Liddell Hart: “A self contained and sea-based amphibious force is the best kind of fire extinguisher because of its flexibility, reliability, logistics simplicity and relative economy.”

March 2005  |  Magazine

The vision of the future set out here is one that would see the adoption of a first ever made-in-Canada defence strategy that has its roots in doctrine that is as as old as Canada itself.