Defence Journalist

Raised at naval air bases across Canada, Chris Wattie is now a senior national reporter with the National Post, specializing in defence and military affairs. He has written extensively on the Canadian military over his more than 20 years in journalism, for the Ottawa Citizen, the Canadian Press, and for the last 5 years, the Post. He has covered the 1991 Gulf War, peacekeeping operations in Bosnia, the NATO campaign in Kosovo, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and was recently "embedded" with the Royal Canadian Regiment in Kabul.

Articles by this writer

September 2005  |  Magazine

C-295 to become the Air Force’s new fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft.

September 2004  |  Magazine

The Department of National Defence has a $3-billion plan to upgrade its frigates. Bu the mid-life refit and modernizations has been pushed back by funding shortfalls to the point where the oldest vessels of the class are not scheduled to begin their nine-month facelift until 2011.

May 2004  |  Magazine

In a far corner of sprawling Camp Julien, a group of eight reporters set up shot - the first journalists to be formally "embedded" with a Canadian Forces unit in the field. Members of the 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment battlegroup in Kabul were on the sharp end of a quiet public relations offensive by the Canadian Forces.