Columnist: Lest We Forget

During a 38-year career as a newspaper columnist Dave Brown wrote 10,000 daily columns, many of which recounted individual war memories and local police stories. He retired from the Ottawa Citizen in 2003 but continued to write a weekly column for many years. Much of his work has focused on veterans issues and military history. Dave's compilation book, Best of Brown - Window on Ottawa, was published in 2003.

Articles by this writer

July 2005  |  Magazine

The Canadian Submarine Service of World War Two doesn’t get much attention or remembrance because few Canadians know there was one – and because its list of members who served (in British subs) adds up to only 27.

May 2005  |  Magazine

The Canadian War Museum was born on May 8, 2005, after a difficult gestation of decades, and it is indeed a beautiful baby. It’s certain to someday be interesting when it grows up and learns to speak.

March 2004  |  Magazine

How would you summarize the Typhoon as an aircraft? 

January 2004  |  Magazine

In almost 40 years in journalism I've interviewed hundreds of veterans who have put in time at the point of the wartime spear and I marvel at their ability to have survived the experience and still appear normal.