Ship Acquisition

Andrew Kendrick is Vice President, Operations for STX Canada Marine Inc’s Ottawa office. He is a professional ocean engineer and naval architect with over 35 years of experience, starting with the MoD in the UK. Since moving to Canada in 1981, he has worked on every major Canadian naval program, including CPF, TRUMP, MCDV, JSS, AOPS and CSC. Mr Kendrick has worked on numerous other ship designs for public and private sector clients in Canada and elsewhere. He has consulted on ship acquisition processes for the Canadian and US governments, and is known internationally for his work on ships and offshore structures in ice. He has delivered courses on polar ship design and operation in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Articles by this writer

May 2023  |  Magazine

The current National Shipbuilding Strategy is not sustainable. Money is being pumped in, but how much is coming out? There does not appear to be a 'Plan B' to mitigate the risk to the Navy’s basic viability.

July 2022  |  Magazine

The National Shipbuilding Strategy has failed, is continuing to fail, and needs to be scrapped in order to prevent irreparable damage to the Canadian Navy and Coast Guard. An objective evaluation is urgently required.

May 2012  |  Magazine

This article focuses the need to adopt a very different crewing philosophy than the current one.