Defence Critic, the Bloc Québécois

Claude Bachand has been a Bloc Québécois Member of Parliament for the federal riding of Saint-Jean (Québec) since 1993. He has served Canadians as critic for Indian Affairs and Northern Development for three years, and more recently has also served as critic for Defence and also for Veterans Affairs. He is also active with the Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs.

Articles by this writer

January 2017  |  Magazine

Over the years, various procedures have been followed when purchasing military ­equipment, from long and costly procedures to replace the Sea King helicopters, to the purchase of 16 tactical aircraft at a cost of close to $5 billion.

March 2011  |  Magazine

Four key SAR concerns are the focus of upcoming recommendations from the Bloc Québecois.

November 2010  |  Magazine

Serious problems were raised at NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly.

January 2008  |  Magazine

Before purchasing, it is essential to establish a defence ­policy, and afterwards develop a ­military capacity plan.

January 2007  |  Magazine

The awarding of procurement contracts should be an economic bonanza for Canadian companies. Unfortunately, the way these contracts are being awarded seriously limits the industrial benefits that Canadian companies had hoped to reap.

July 2006  |  Magazine

Quebec’s aerospace industry will benefit very little economically, and the taxes paid by Canadians and Quebeckers will flow south.