Eugene Gerden is an international freelance writer who specializes in covering global military and defence industries. He has worked for several industry publications and can be reached at gerden.eug@gmail.com.

Articles by this writer

July 2022  |  Magazine

Amid the ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the countries of Northern Europe, including the Baltic States, are putting serious effort into bolstering defence programs and activating procurement of new weapons and combat equipment – quickly increasing their military spending and expanding their military infrastructure, capacity and readiness – and NATO commitments.

December 2020  |  Magazine

In a move intended to bring Russia to the level of modern armies of the West, its military is ready to begin the next stage of massive reforms of its national armed forces to ensure their active development within the next decade, according to recent statements made by Russian military commanders and local defence analysts.

August 2020  |  Featured Article, Magazine

Despite the pandemic, many European NATO members are considering raising their combat potential as one way to stimulate economies that were negatively affected by efforts to control and mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

October 2019  |  Magazine

With 2020 budget projections in place, Japan is steadily increasing its national defence spending and building aircraft carriers.

February 2019  |  Magazine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given a priority for the development of the domestic land and airborne forces in the newly approved state armament program.

December 2018  |  Magazine

Russia is finishing a large-scale expansion of its fleet of combat helicopters and planning a further focus on selective supplies, according to the Russian Defence Ministry and leading combat aviation experts.

May 2018  |  Magazine

After an intense 8-year period of modernization and recapitalization, the Russian government is set to cut its naval investment to 2,6 trillion rubles ($54B CAD).

May 2017  |  Magazine

At the heart of a planned strengthening of Russia’s Western military grouping is the revival of the 1st Tank Army.

December 2016  |  Magazine

After two decades of military cuts and reductions, Germany has decided that a rebound in defence spending is in order. 

May 2016  |  Magazine

The Russian Ministry of Defence plans to significantly accelerate R&D activities.

December 2015  | 

Amid the existing Russian threat, Ukraine continues active militarization and strengthening of its national army on a massive scale.

May 2015  |  Magazine

Russia plans to focus on implementing the existing State Armaments Program for the period of 2011-2020, which was approved in 2011. The State Armaments Program involves massive purchases of combat equipment.