Military Advisor, Resource Management

Ross Fetterly is a Canadian Global Affairs Institute Fellow and academic. He retired in 2017, after a 34-year military career, as the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Director of Air Comptrollership and Business Planning. He served in Afghanistan with NATO and with the United Nations in the Golan Heights. An adjunct professor at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) department of management, Dr Fetterly has taught both defence resource mgmnt and business planning at international military staff colleges.

Articles by this writer

January 2021  |  Opinion

A pandemic reinforces the importance of Provincial government roles in the daily lives of the Canadian population, and communication is key to confidence in the process.

December 2020  |  Opinion

As Canada receives 249,000 vaccines for first-phase distribution, the coordination – on a massive scale – will benefit from military operational planning and execution.

June 2020  |  Magazine

As COVID continues to force the federal government to implement measures that will inject liquidity into the economy, now is the time to reflect on annual defence budgets and the impact on capabilities from long-term funding shifts.