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A Political Science and Journalism graduate from Tel Aviv University, Arie Egozi went on to serve in the Israeli defense forces (IDF). He later worked as the aerospace and defence correspondent for Israel's largest daily "Yedioth Ahronot", and some foreign defence publications. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Israel homeland security website (I-HLS).

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August 2023  |  Featured Article, Don't Miss

Iran's very basic drone industry has been boosted by the war in Ukraine. Advanced armed UAVs have recently unveiled for purchase by Russia.

August 2023  |  Featured Article, Don't Miss

The Israeli Ministry of Defence plans to begin series production of the upgraded version of the Merkava 4 main battle tank this year. FrontLine sources have provided some details of the technological advances and expected innovations.

June 2023  |  News

According to the CIA and Israeli sources, the continuing and enhanced Russia/Iran military cooperation poses a concern to world peace, particularly after a top Iranian general recently revealed a new cruise missile that would be able to reach Israel, and Tehran's determination to kill former U.S. president Donald Trump.

August 2022  |  News

In an effort to bolster its defensive posture, the Israeli navy is enhancing its operational cooperation with the U.S. fifth fleet, which is based in Bahrain.

June 2022  |  Magazine, News

Does Russia prefer cruise missiles over ballistic when targeting Ukrainian air force and ground based air defence assets? Israeli missile expert comments on Russia's targeting tactics in Ukraine. One thing is clear, either equal destruction of Ukraine assets, infrastructure, and lives.

June 2022  |  Industry News

Saudi Arabia has expressed its interest in the immediate purchase of some Israeli made air defence systems. According to an Israeli senior defence source there are advanced negotiations about some of the systems. In recent weeks, media coverage of Israel's ties with Saudi Arabia has increased ahead of US President Biden's possible visit to Saudi Arabia during his Middle East visit in late June.

March 2022  |  Industry News

In an effort to transform the Army of the future, the UK MoD has embarked on a six-month experiment to examine the feasibility of automating supplies to soldiers. Due to wrap up in April, the six-month project has been focussed on centralized autonomous operation of unmanned systems for combat missions.

January 2022  |  News

After the Taliban declared the name of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in August 2021, it began preparations to establish its own air force. The Taliban-led air force conducted military manoeuvers in November and are said to be looking to China for additional support. China has demonstrated positive reception, political endorsement, and diplomatic support of the Taliban.

December 2021  |  News, Don't Miss

Evolving threats put the planned ground-ground rockets unit of the Israeli defence force back on the table.

December 2021  |  News

Israeli sources warn that the pending withdrawal of U.S. military from Iraq, on 31 Dec 2021, will dramatically change the landscape of geopolitical hostilities in the region.

December 2021  |  News

Although the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has not been allowed to inspect all areas of Syria, it has not uncovered any chemical weapons arsenals. Syria denies the accusation but Israeli intelligence alleges that Syria continues to keep a stockpile of different chemical weapons.

December 2021  |  News

As world leaders explore solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, defence communities are stepping up efforts to ensure better preparedness for climate change, including by revising combat doctrines, altering training, adapting infrastructure, equipment, personnel, and procurement protocols, and designing climate scenarios.

November 2021  |  Industry News, News

The Ehud air combat maneuvering instrumentation and analysis system from IAI played a major role in the recent international Blue Flag exercise held recently in Israel.

November 2021  |  Industry News, News

Israeli companies like GADFIN develop very advanced drones that can play a very important role in homeland security and disaster operations. The most recent system unveiled by GADFIN is called Spirit One. Epitomizing the next generation of drone technology, it enables a fully autonomous drone delivery network based on its record-breaking long range eVTOLs.

November 2021  |  News

The current Foreign Military Financing (FMF) agreement between the U.S. and Israel is the largest ever granted to date, but changes to the agreement now includes consequences to the Israeli defence industry.

November 2021  |  News

U.S. officials have warned Israel that targeting Iran's nuclear scientist and enrichment facilities may encourage Tehran to speed up its nuclear program. On Tuesday, a defiant Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said in a speech about the Israeli strategy aimed at foiling the Iranian plan, that Israel will maintain its freedom to act alone if necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

November 2021  |  News

Morocco and Israel already benefit from increased economic cooperation, bilateral tourism, and warm people-to-people relations. Now, with the signing of a groundbreaking defence MOU, the two countries are in the process of developing a project to produce attack drones in the kingdom

October 2021  |  Opinion

Israel may ask Canada to extend its participation in the Multinational Force and Observers in the Sinai Peninsula beyond the current 2022 plan if the Pentagon eliminates or reduces American participation.

August 2021  |  News, Don't Miss

The U.S and Israel are monitoring the actions of the Iranian navy in the Gulf. Iran's Sahand destroyer and Makran ship are currently in the Atlantic Ocean and reportedly have participated in several attacks against Israeli-owned ships and confrontations with American and British warships.

January 2021  |  News

Unnamed Gulf States are trying to persuade the U.S to protect their sensitive sites from more potential attacks by Houthi rebels, Iran's proxy in the region.

January 2021  |  Magazine

Utilizing Trophy Active Protection Systems for protection of their ground combat vehicles since September 2019, the U.S. Army is now evaluating the next generation “Trophy VPS,” a smaller, lighter version to protect a broader range of ground combat vehicles.

December 2020  |  Magazine

Israel is using nano satellites to monitor for hostile missile launch preparations, and is developing cruise missiles to add to its defence arsenal of long-range ballistic missiles.

November 2020  |  News

Israel is looking at the more capable laser systems for missile defence. According to IAI, a laser cannon prototype for intercepting mortar shells and similar short-range threats is in a very advanced stage of development. Indications are that the first tests with an electrical laser will be conducted in Israel in early 2021.

November 2020  |  Industry News

The Canadian Armed Forces is evaluating some Bluebird Aero/IAI vertical take off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial systems. Bluebird's VP Business Development has confirmed the Israeli company is currently pursuing several very "promising" Canadian opportunities.

October 2020  |  News

Armed drones pose an increasing threat to fighting forces. Gaming technologies have contributed to the creation of a new "drone killer" that has been developed in Israel. 

October 2020  |  Industry News

A team of Canadian special forces who visited Israel last year was briefed about the Israeli developed system designed to void friendly fire. Israeli company Safe Shoot that developed the Green Shield system would only acknowledge that the system has been presented to the Canadian Armed Forces.

October 2020  |  News

According to local media in that country, Turkey has been testing its Russian-made S-400 air defense system in recent days, and ties between Turkey and Iran seem to be warming up. What does this mean to other NATO members?