FrontLine Safety & Security 2010: ISSUE 3

The Red Cross helps Peterborough prepare and execute a business continuity plan.

Public health factors to consider when planning support for massive events.

When a pilot declares an emergency, the aviation system responds with precision.

Small companies can contribute to the resiliency necessary for CI protection.

Advancing technology integration for emergency response during disasters.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection helps teachers educate young people about the responsible use of cell phones.

''Stealth'' provides defense-grade protection of your most sensitive information.

The PTSC-Online Community has matured to an active on-line community.

Reflecting on the Omar Khadr case.

Security and Emergency Management Challenges

Senator Segal discusses developments in Canadian anti-terrorism legislation and international cooperation.

We need to focus more on public safety networks.

Implementing a comprehensive emergency management program.

Measuring CII is too complex - indicator metrics can provide key insights.

The Minister of Public Safety Addresses the topic of emerging threats.