FrontLine Safety & Security 2011: ISSUE 2

Sharing resources to combat wildfires "from manpower to technology" is proving helpful worldwide.

Maritime Security Operations Centres prepare for global security, environments and threats posed by criminal elements.

Has your office or conversations been bugged? It happens more often than you would guess!

This unique partnership structure combines aviation industry, volunteers and law enforcement in cooperative efforts.

Port Security is examined in a situation where a port master shares his perspective with local law enforcement to provide a coordinated port security system.

The role of the United States Coast Guard pursuant to the Homeland Security Act of 2002 and its focus on the Ports, Waterways and Coastal Security (PWCS) aspects of Homeland Security.

Taking a ''reboot break'' to volunteer and give back is a multi-dimensional chance to step back and also to expand.

This examination of port security from a Canadian perspective takes the 3 R's a step further by looking at a federal policy position on MCR.

Three of the R's of any port security system must include response, recovery and resilience.

Mother Nature's affect on us.

Port security involves fundamental principles for staying safe from either natural disruptions or actions by criminals and terrorists.

A case study examines a gunman situation where the York County Quick Response Team uses a technology-based Common Operating Picture (COP).

Providing the public safety system with all the resources it needs to provide the security required by each community.