FrontLine Safety & Security 2012: ISSUE 3

One Last Thing: the right, the wrong, and the required (visible accountability).

Arctic tourism is creating a growing need for SAR in the North. The rise in Acrtic grounding incidents has shifted Canada’s focus to what needs to be done in the upcoming years for Arctic SAR.

Fast, furious, and full of major structural concerns to be addressed.

The risks of contracting with the government are often not fully appreciated.

Emphasizing protection, safety and law enforcement, the Maritime Unit provides a year-round search and rescue.

The Canadian/U.S. relationship in the 21st century requires a cooperative perimeter strategy. New action plans set by our leaders set the stage to address these growing border concerns.

Winning the Howard Hughes award for helicopter technology improvement, Eurocopter's X3 exceeds company expectations during flight tests and remains low cost.

Looking at options for renewing the Coast Guard helicopter fleet.

Balancing global & domestic obligations in the new "maritime century".

What do we really know about the volume of illicit tobacco trade other than low risk and high profits? Not much.

Saguenay's emergency response has become a series of procedures and local EMS are beginning to raise awareness on the importance of emergency preparedness.

What are the consequences of acting on erroneous information? It’s important to ascertain who the threat actors are.

We are on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the creation of a single Canadian federal department focused on “Public Safety.”

A synopsis of recent CBRNE reports and outlining plans created to prepare Canada and the U.S. against potential CBRNE threats and incidents.