FrontLine Safety & Security 2014: ISSUE 1

Cyber is the nervous system that binds all other critical sectors, and upon which other sectors are most dependent.

This edition of Frontline Security is dedicated primarily to the international impact of cyber attacks upon the reliability and security of all critical infrastructure ­systems.

A quick lesson on how to direct an unwanted competition. Transparency is clearly a matter of perspective.

From modest collaborative roots between RCMP, police, and the Ottawa International Airport, Airport Watch has grown to circle the globe.

Looking at the “insider” threat from a family perspective.

Examining cooperation between the European Union and Canada.

The next generation of simulation training systems will be another giant step forward in realism.

Security partners focus on networked information sharing among cyber professionals.

A lack of cyber awareness would be far less dangerous if cyber crime were strictly a national problem, however, like money laundering and international terrorism, cyber crime is a threat that respects neither international borders nor the sovereignty of nations and is undergoing exponential growth.

The growing reliance on, and increasing numbers of attacks upon cyber components jeopardize the very life blood of our critical infrastructure.

Continued revelations of cyber hacking, cyber attacking, cyber vulnerabilities or new cyber surveillance schemes undermine our dependence on such technologies.

The all-encompassing concept of Sharia law is key to understanding the Islamist imperative.