FrontLine Safety & Security 2023: ISSUE 1

On April 27th, the Bill C-233 received Royal Assent. This is the final step in the legislative process to put into law a number of pragmatic and effective changes to Canada’s Criminal Code bail laws which will help enhance the protection of victims of domestic and intimate partner violence.

Investigators around the world have long been uncovering criminal Triad activity, but many countries do not seem to have the political will to effectively try to thwart the se finely honed organizations.

Canada’s criminal justice system is in urgent need of comprehensive, substantive, informed and multi-jurisdictional reform. Thanks to the ‘revolving door’ of repeat offenders playing Canada’s current criminal justice system, the general public has been arriving at the same conclusion – reform is urgently needed.

All future activities in the Northwest Passage should be assessed through an Environmental, Social, and Governance lens, advise Hunerfauth and Landry as they provide an overview of key considerations.

Is your organization prepared and ­protected against IT security risks? Not surprisingly, Zero Trust has risen in prominence as a means to protect an organization’s data and people – especially as remote work and cloud-based services become the norm.

Wildfires pose a deadly risk to the environment, the wildlife, and the lives and homes of people who live in their path. California, British Columbia and Australia are recognized as some of the most wildfire-susceptible areas of the world. Firefighters from two of those have chosen a derivative of the venerable Black Hawk helicopters to aid efforts to put out wildfires of all sizes.