27 January 2020   (Military Times)
Five Katyusha rockets were fired at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone 26 January but there were no reports of injury or serious damage. All were officially described as having impacted a riverbank but a source says one landed within the diplomatic compound. The source of the missiles was not known but Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi reiterated his country’s commitment to protecting “all diplomatic missions.”
27 January 2020   (BBC)
The number of deaths attributed to the coronavirus outbreak in China has risen to 81 with some 3,000 other cases diagnosed as Beijing maintains a broad quarantine to contain travel. At least 44 cases, none fatal, had been confirmed elsewhere as of 27 January.
27 January 2020   (Nextgov)
Sen. Ed Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, says a New York-based company’s facial recognition technology “appears to pose particularly chilling privacy risks.” In a letter to Hoan Ton-That, the chief executive of Clearview AI, which provides its technology to the law enforcement community, Markey also says it could be exploited by criminals or foreign adversaries.
24 January 2020   (Fifth Domain)
Some three years after the fact, details are available on a major “real world” test of cyber  cooperation between the U.S. and coalition partners in their Daesh campaign. Operation Glowing Symphony in November 2016 was the largest exercise of its kind operations and the details show that U.S. Cyber Command considered sharing information typically held closely. The details are in documents released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request by George Washington University archives.
24 January 2020   (BBC)
As the death toll from a coronavirus continues to rise slowly but steadily from initial diagnosis in early December, China has widened its travel restrictions in Hubei province. As of 24 January, they affect some 35 million residents in 10 cities. At least 26 fatalities have been reported in China and a few isolated cases have been confirmed elsewhere, including France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the U.S. (one case each in Chicago and Seattle), and Vietnam.
23 January 2020   (BBC)
The International Court of Justice in The Hague has ordered measures to prevent the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in predominantly Buddhist Muslim Myanmar despite its military’s insistence that it was combating extremists. Thousands of Rohingya have died and more than 700,000 have fled to neighboring Bangladesh during an army crackdown that began in 2017.
23 January 2020   (Yahoo)
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ metaphoric Doomsday Clock has ticked 20 seconds closer to midnight, to 100 seconds, the closest it has ever been to the prospect of a global catastrophe. Created in 1947, when it was set at seven minutes to midnight, the iconic marker has shifted back and forth 23 times and had been at two minutes since 2018. The latest shift, announced 23 January, reflects growing concern about the “existential” threats of nuclear war and climate change, which the group says are exacerbated by cyber-enabled information warfare.
23 January 2020   (CBC)
Dave Calhoun, the new chief executive officer at Boeing Inc., says the company expects to resume 737 Max production in a matter of months even as it also begins a “clean sheet” design of a new jetliner. Max production was stopped in December after two fatal crashes attributed mainly to a control software problem.
23 January 2020   (CBC)
A Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules transport owned by Coulson Aviation (USA) Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of British Columbia-based Coulson Group, crashed 23 January while fighting wildfires in Australia. The three-member crew of American residents died.
22 January 2020   (NY Times)
Wuhan, a city of more than 11 million people in China’s Hubei province and the epicenter of a potentially-deadly coronavirus outbreak, is effectively being quarantined by the Chinese government. Effective 23 January, Beijing is canceling air and train travel from the city and suspending internal bus, subway and ferry services. The pneumonia-like virus has killed at least 17 persons and affected more than 400 others since its diagnosis in December.