18 August 2015   (The Guardian)
An anti-terror law that stipulates exorbitant fines, and possible suspension from employment, for “false” reporting on militant attacks has come into effect in Egypt.
14 August 2015   (National Post)
Rwandan intelligence agents have been harassing suspected government opponents living abroad, including in Canada, according to a “secret” Canada Border Services Agency report disclosed in Federal Court.
5 August 2015   (National Post)
Israeli authorities kicked off a promised crackdown on Jewish extremists following last week’s deadly arson attack on a Palestinian family, arresting a high-profile activist accused of leading a new movement of defiant settler youths who embrace violence and reject the rule of law in the name of the purity of the Holy Land.
6 February 2015   (National Post)
The Harper government struck a provocative pose Thursday, telling Russia to “back off” in Ukraine, promising to campaign for NATO membership on behalf of another former Soviet republic and urging all allies to do more.
7 January 2015   (The Star)
A former clerk at the veterans' medical clinic in El Paso shot and killed the chief psychologist, Timothy Fjordbak. The gunman also died at the scene.
15 March 2014
A lack of cyber awareness would be far less dangerous if cyber crime were strictly a national problem, however, like money laundering and international terrorism, cyber crime is a threat that respects neither international borders nor the sovereignty of nations and is undergoing exponential growth.
15 September 2009   (World Economic Forum)
Issued by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum, this year's Report profiles a total of 133 economies, providing the most comprehensive assessment of its kind, with an extensive section of data tables and global rankings covering over 100 indicators.
1 August 2008   (Govt of Canada)
This 2007 report, published jointly by the U.S. and Canadian governments, examines the current state of illicit drug smuggling across the United States-Canadian border. The report identifies the principal substances which are smuggled in both directions across the border. The authors place special emphasis on the cooperative efforts which law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border engage in and how this has influenced the movement of these illegal substances. (Note: be patient, this link takes a LONG time to load)