27 June 2022   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

Keeping Russia "at bay" is not a solution to the carnage happening in Ukraine. With Russia firing 10 times the amount of ammunition than Ukraine, Putin knows he will win, unless something changes.

20 June 2022   (STEPHEN SADLER)

It is now 11 years since I served in Afghanistan, and almost a year since those who helped us were abandoned to the increasing brutality of Taliban rule, it's time the govt cut the red tape and made good on its promises.

17 June 2022   (SCOTT NEWARK)

Bill C-26 is an important and complicated piece of legislation that will finally address a core cyber security vulnerability by requiring certain protective actions to be taken. These background notes will provide useful details for FrontLine readers.

15 June 2022

At a press conference today, Toronto Police Chief James Ramer announced the release of race-based data and admits the results have confirmed the prevalence of systemic discrimination within the organization. "Our own analysis of our own data from 2020 discloses that there is systemic racism in our policing." For this, he apologized "unreservedly", vowing "we must improve and we will do better."

24 February 2022

Explosions could be heard Wednesday in Kyiv, Odessa, and several other Ukrainian cities as Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the start of a “special military operation” against Ukraine, the scope of which wasn’t immediately clear. Just before dawn, residents of Kyiv were ordered into bomb shelters amid reports of incoming air attacks.

23 February 2022

Now that order has been restored in Ottawa and Canada's border crossings, the Prime Minister says the government can revoke the Emergencies Act. The House of Commons had just approved the strong measures on Monday night. The crisis had raged at full bore and full volume for 20 days previous to the announcement of emergency powers which immediately froze financial support and made tow trucks into essential services.

29 November 2021

On 30 November 2021, NATO’s Allied Command Transformation, and its Innovation Hub in Norfolk, Virginia, are co-hosting an important biannual competition in Ottawa, Canada. The Allies are looking for ways to defend the cognitive dimension against adversaries who are rapidly weaponizing information, using especially social media and turning potentially every connected device into a vector of attack.

25 November 2021   (SCOTT NEWARK)

As a general description of the Government’s intended policy agenda going forward, the following Throne Speech extracts are of potential relevance to Safety & Security readers.

14 November 2021   (SCOTT NEWARK)

It has been five years since ‘The Three Amigos’ (leaders of Canada, U.S. and Mexico) last held a face-to-face meeting. What should this week's meeting in Washington cover?

1 October 2021   (STEPHEN SADLER)

As a former police trainer in Afghanistan, I heard from one of my interpreters who was in dire and immediate fear for his life. Canada has forsaken its duty to protect those who had helped us at great personal risk to themselves and their families.

28 September 2021   (SCOTT NEWARK)

Cases like this highlight a pressing need for Canada to modernize its Extradition Act and the Treaties under it. The questions are piling up, and a review is clearly warranted.

27 August 2021   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

Efforts to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic depend on getting the majority of people vaccinated. What are epidemiologists and economists saying about the lack of progress?

18 August 2021   (SCOTT NEWARK)

A repeat offender commits armed robbery while on bail. Despite previous convictions and a firearms prohibition order, our system released him early from his latest offence. He has now violated that release and taken off. Revolving door indeed.

31 July 2021

In a multi-city action, locked out Hilton Metrotown workers and their supporters across the country urged South Korea’s Ambassador to Canada to intervene in the growing dispute with a Seoul-based hotel owner. The workers, who have been locked out for over 100 days, called on South Korea’s Ambassador, Keung Ryong Chang, to engage members of the prominent and politically connected family that owns DSDL Co., the owner of Hilton Metrotown.

15 July 2021   (CASEY BRUNELLE)

Even though Israeli border police and transportation officials strongly discourage travel to the West Bank, travelling in an around the area was an incredible cultural adventure.

14 July 2021

As Canada's most-used herbicide, Glyphosate levels in food are increasing, sometimes exceeding regulatory limits. To solve this problem, Health Canada proposes to relax those limits significantly. How will this affect you and your children? Have your say by 20 July 2021.

11 July 2021   (SCOTT NEWARK)

An analysis federal plans and main estimates for the following: Public Safety Canada; RCMP; CBSA; CSC; Justice, CCG; Indigenous Services; Women and Gender Equality; GAC / International Development; Transport Canada; and DND.

10 June 2021

An emergency alert from the Nova Scotia system was sent out just before 1am this morning. “There is an unknown issue with the water in Grand Lake that has caused animals to die and has sent one citizen to hospital,” it said. “All consumption is banned […] Do not go in the water by foot or by boat at anytime, unless this order is rescinded.”

18 May 2021

On 20 May, at the 12th Arctic Council Ministerial meeting in Reykjavik and online, the two-year Icelandic Chairmanship of the Arctic Council will end and the Russian Federation will take over for the 2021-2023 years.

18 May 2021   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

DND alerted media Friday evening that MGen Dany Fortin, the public face of the federal vaccine rollout, is under investigation. Zero details. Short and cryptic. CTV News jumped into action and the details they uncovered highlight how damaging unnamed allegations can be.