4 November 2018   (SCOTT NEWARK)

In response to the increase in asylum seekers, CBSA has substantially increased its targets for actual removals of non-citizens who have been ordered removed/deported from Canada.

5 September 2018

A look at the likelihood of hospitals and medical devices being targeted for ransomware show hospitals are at risk, but there are ways to reduce the danger, says Dr. Thomas P. Keenan.

21 August 2018   (ANGUS REID POLL)

Half of Canadians say the 2018 immigration target of 310,000 is too high. About 30% see that number as about right, while the rest say it is either too low (6%) or they are unsure (14%).

15 June 2018   (ANGUS REID POLL)

A recent poll shows 70% of Canadians prefer taking a “hard” approach in trade negotiations with the Trump administration.

7 June 2018

Google’s decision to withdraw from a US military initiative called Project Maven (for classifying military drone images) came after some 4,000 employees petitioned to ban Google from building “warfare technology”.

6 June 2018   (SCOTT NEWARK)

Canadians remain understandably shocked at the savagery of the van attack in Toronto. How will the prosecution unfold? What lessons are to be learned? What preventative actions need to be taken for the future?

16 May 2018   (KEN POLE)

While the Government Accountability Office notes that the DOD faces “new challenges as adversaries try to steal national security information and technology at unprecedented rate, ” the White House eliminated its Senior Cyber Policy Office.

24 April 2018   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

It will take some time to unpack the recent Yonge Street attack, however, Public Safety Minister Goodale dismisses the suggestion that there is a national security element to it. I was shocked to hear there is a thriving social group for men who are angry that they cannot get laid.

18 April 2018   (SCOTT NEWARK)

The recent collapse of negotiations between the Government of Canada and lawyers for suspected terrorist Abousfian Abdelrazik, highlights the urgency with which Canada needs to develop an effective strategy to clarify how its national security enforcement and intelligence officials deal with foreign governments relating to Canadians, or persons linked to Canada, who are involved in terrorism-related investigations. 

11 March 2018   (SCOTT NEWARK)

RCMP Assistant Commissioner Brenda Lucki has just been announced as the new RCMP Commissioner at a time when the RCMP needs leadership and not just management – there is an important difference.

9 January 2018   (JAYA PRAKASH)

Authorities in Malaysia are holding a Bangladeshi film director and his assistant for suspected human trafficking.

22 December 2017   (JAYA PRAKASH)

Singapore has been hit again – this time with ride-hailing company Uber. The country has now overtaken the US, Russia and China as the nation launching the most global cyber attacks.

10 December 2017   (JAYA PRAKASH)

Will Australia have to choose between its roaring trade with Beijing, and its relationship with the United States, which has provided its security umbrella since the end of World War II?

24 November 2017   (JAYA PRAKASH)

To its dismay, Singapore is finding out that the very porous digital frontiers are not just affecting companies and commerce; government services and infrastructure are also at great risk from cyber terror.

23 November 2017   (SCOTT NEWARK)

We have just confirmed that the case in which a man was acquitted of sexual assault in part because he was unaware his actions were criminal will be appealed by the Ontario AG's Office. This critically important issue is still before the Courts and that the Government of Ontario is defending our secular rule of law.

19 November 2017   (SCOTT NEWARK)

Despite potential plans to return to Algeria to find a wife, Mohammed Harkat (detained in 2002 as a security risk by Canadian authorities) has not been deported due to fears for his safety. Instead, he is out on bail, seeking looser restrictions.

16 November 2017

A new poll by Ipsos shows that only half of global respondents are prepared to say things are getting better in terms of safety & security. The survey also looked at Values, World Affairs, Free Trade and Climate Change.

15 November 2017   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

An Ontario judge has ruled a man is not guilty of sexual assault because the Crown failed to prove that he knew his behaviour was criminal. Why has the Crown not yet filed to appeal this dangerous decision? We are all at risk.

9 November 2017

The RCAF has decided to use a grey colour scheme for the C-295W fleet "to enable surging flexibility" for the "very wide range of missions" it is required to conduct, said a DND spokesman.

31 October 2017   (DAVID BERCUSON)

Although supported by a large number of Canadians, the Liberal government’s pursuit of a free trade agreement with China ignores real security and defence vulnerabilities posed by such a relationship.