10 November 2015   (SCOTT NEWARK)

The new Government has made it clear that it intends to proceed with its campaign promise to bring 25K Syrian refugees from the war torn region to Canada and that it will try and do so before the end of this year. An ambitious plan but then converting political promise into government action often is.

6 November 2015   (CHRIS MacLEAN)

Rona Ambrose has been chosen by her fellow party members as the interim leader of the new Conservative party. Ambrose, a very experienced Minister who held the portfolios of Environment, Public Works, and Health during her time in the Conservative Cabinet, was at times impeded by an Opposition that often opposed for the sake of being combative...

5 November 2015   (SCOTT NEWARK)

It is a virtual certainty that Canadians can expect some changes from this new majority government on matters related to public safety and security.

3 November 2015   (K. JOSEPH SPEARS)

The recent sinking during a whale watching expedition highlights the importance of a robust search and rescue capacity and marine response infrastructure that includes the First Nations.

18 September 2015   (KEN POLE)

There’s a body of opinion which holds that retired military officers should eschew politics, that lending their names and/or ranks to a political campaign is a form of prostitution, and that using their experience and leadership skills in the civilian world is somehow "wrong".

18 September 2015   (GEORGE PETROLEKAS)

It is 39 days into Canada's federal campaign, and there's a sense of "enough already"… at least the daily dose of the economy.  We know now the details of each leader's priorities with respect to balanced budgets, spending and deficits. We have a pretty good idea of how the economy would grow under the three differing options . There's enough information to make choices on that front. Enough already.

7 September 2015   (ROBBIN LAIRD)

The Aussies Shape a Path of Combat Innovation: Plan Jericho and the Way Ahead. I recently returned from Australia where the Royal Australian Air Force is put in motion what they call Plan Jericho. In effect, the RAAF is providing the Australian Defense Force with an approach to transform jointness, or how the various elements of the ADF can work together to enhance combat effect.