Introducing your new Executive Editor
CLIVE ADDY  |  Dec 3, 2020

It is with great pride and that I thank Pascal Rodier for accepting the challenging post of Executive Editor. His 30+ years in public safety and emergency management will be a huge asset at FrontLine. Chris and I heartily welcome him as the new face of FrontLine Safety & Security

Pascal Rodier, MStJ, MA, CEM

Certified with the International Association of Emergency Managers, Pascal is known for championing responder interoperability. He co-authored the Communications Interoperability Strategy and Action Plan for Public Safety Canada, and operationalized one of Canada's first interoperable radio systems in British Columbia.

After numerous leadership roles in Emergency Medical Services, Pascal joined Nova Scotia Health’s Emergency Preparedness team where he is currently the Manager of Projects and Planning. Public and responder safety and security are more than ever dependent on our policies to mitigate the damage of this deadly health risk to all.

FrontLine readers will benefit from Pascal's extensive experience leading response teams during large-scale incidents. Over his many years in the field, he has gained the expertise and skills necessary to assess and evaluate emerging topics and perspectives that our readers will no doubt soon appreciate. He has done an admirable job on directing the content of this, his first edition.

As with all the varied threats to our security – be they strategic, regional, or national – control of the COVID pandemic requires sound policy based on focused knowledge and expertise in community emergency support. Pascal has amply demonstrated his expertise in this area when commanding responses to multiple large-scale incidents. 

Welcome and best wishes Pascal.

Clive Addy, OMM, OStJ, CD
Major-General (retired)
Past Executive Editor