JONATHAN CALOF  |  August 2016

The discussions and agreements from the recent summit of the "three amigos" are several items that affect safety and security and, more importantly, continued reinforcement of the importance of regionally-integrated solutions.

EDWARD R. MYERS  |  June 2016

Last year in Canada, organized crime syphoned off nearly $3 billion from the Canadian tax base. Several Latin American countries have seen their local economies jeopardized by illicit tobacco from Canada. What about our economy?


Acts of terrorism frequently cover multiple jurisdictions – planning in one or more cities, and attacking in another. Properly trained and equipped police forces would therefore have several opportunities to prevent the sort of terrorist attack we are becoming all too familiar with... if only they had the resources.

JONATHAN CALOF  |  November 2015

This letter goes to the heart of a request to re-assess some of your election pledges based on pivotal “events” that are changing the global landscape.

JONATHAN CALOF  |  July 2015

FrontLine readers consistently rate cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection, and the health and safety of frontline responders as top priorities. I encourage all of you to continue emailing me with article suggestions.

JONATHAN CALOF  |  March 2015

As we begin our second decade, I offer an opportunity – to all who work in crisis management, business continuity, public safety, law enforcement, and similar organizations – to share your concerns and your knowledge with our readers.

JONATHAN CALOF  |  November 2014

Following in the steps of retired General Clive Addy, who steered this magazine throughout its first nine formative years, Jonathan Calof sets out his plan for changes at the helm of FrontLine Security.

CLIVE ADDY  |  July 2014

In his final Editor's Corner before retiring, Clive reflects on the security challenges we will be facing, and the change in scope and complexity of these challenges.

CLIVE ADDY  |  March 2014

This edition of Frontline Security is dedicated primarily to the international impact of cyber attacks upon the reliability and security of all critical infrastructure ­systems.

CLIVE ADDY  |  December 2013

As we head into 2014, FrontLine Security offers pertinent ­reflections on the complex challenges of policing and disaster management.