CLIVE ADDY  |  December 2007

An internationally recognized law enforce­ment and security expert, Coordinator of the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics talks about securing transportation during the Vancouver Winter Games: threats, training, financing and cooperation.

CLIVE ADDY  |  September 2007

In this our Fall issue, we have chosen to focus on Canada's Maritime Security ­primarily because of concerns following recent Senate Committee reports, and the obvious impact that a continued lack of reasonable maritime security would have on our safety and prosperity.

CLIVE ADDY  |  July 2007

We have chosen to look at natrual disasters in this issue, more specifically what is being done about them, and what Emergency Preparedness truly means.

CLIVE ADDY  |  March 2007

Who protects it?

CLIVE ADDY  |  December 2006

The theme of this issue is very pertinent as it follows on the heels of recent ­pronouncements by Prime Minister Harper in Vancouver this summer and by U.S. President Bush in September.

CLIVE ADDY  |  September 2006

Are we ready for a necessary, difficult and prolonged commitment to anything?

CLIVE ADDY  |  July 2006

Process or progress?

CLIVE ADDY  |  March 2006

I am very pleased to launch FRONTLINE SECURITY in the wake of the change in our national Government.