7 September 2023

The Business Council of Canada, formerly the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, wants the government to give the Canadian Security Intelligence Service the legal authority to "proactively" work with the private sector in countering the growing cyberthreats by hostile foreign interests.

29 July 2023

The next federal general election isn't expected until late 2025 but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's's latest cabinet shuffle, one of the most extensive on record, is seen as a sign that his minority Liberal government will focus on economics in general and "affordability" in particular in the next couple of years

26 July 2020  –  CHRIS MacLEAN

COVID has given us time to really see what we've done to the world, to evaluate our beliefs and the status quo. Don’t avoid the uncomfortable conversations, it's time to get with the 21st Century.

6 July 2020  –  GARRY W.G. CLEMENT

Former Money laundering investigator shares thoughts on what the pending report on Money Laundering in BC is expected to reveal, and offers his own recommendations to close legal loopholes that make Canada a lucrative option for such criminal behaviour. 

24 September 2019

In case you missed it, the story of a woman biting a camel's private parts is true, and has been reported by every credible news source possible. Police say the camel did nothing wrong.

12 June 2019  –  KEN POLE

On 12 June, at 10:17 EST, under heavy fog cover, Canada’s newest satellite venture successfully launched all three satellites of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission into orbit from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California. These next-gen satellites will provide better resolution and accuracy than previous technologies.

11 June 2019

Seniors are being tricked into smuggling drugs and other items for organized crime – and being charged. CBSA has been sounding the alarm on this increasing problem.

1 June 2019

Airbus Helicopters Canada marks 35 years of providing quality customer service and technology to the Canadian helicopter industry.

3 April 2019

Last Thursday, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced a $65-million grant from the Government of Canada to Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service (STARS) to fund the purchase of five new emergency medical helicopters in Western Canada.

6 January 2019

The challenge of the 21st century incorporates incredibly invasive infrastructure threats. Direct defence strategies must quickly include these threats as part of any comprehensive national security concept.