15 May – CAF members from 41 Canadian Brigade Group assist Alberta Wildfire and local firefighters in fire prevention operations in Drayton Valley, Alberta, as part of Operation Lentus 23. (CAF Photo: MCpl Genevieve Lapointe)
Nov 2021 – Pemberton Search and Rescue responded to a mudslide on Duffy Lake Road (part of Highway 99). Several vehicles were caught in slides across southern B.C. after catastrophic rains. (Photo: Pemberton SAR)
Canadian police constable Karen Collins was on scene in NY during recovery operations at Ground Zero after 911. (Photo: courtesy Karen Collins)
British Columbia – Arrowsmith SAR members load a patient onto their UTV during a training exercise. (Photo: Jennifer Hoard)
Oct 2020 – Coquitlam SAR team members Tom Zajac and Cam Girvan perform maritime search and rescue training on the Fraser River. (Photo: Jordan Wycherley)

The CAF is in crisis mode, attempting to deal with a lack of personnel and equipment, efforts to change its culture, operational pressures and reputational challenges. This huge machine cannot rapidly ramp up from dereliction when needed – it's time for Canadians to begin to recognize service to country as important, and give it the priority it deserves.

(FrontLine News)

NASA announced the selection of Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut Jeremy Hansen to fly to the Moon on the Artemis II mission. This will be the first crewed flight test of the Orion spacecraft launching on the SLS rocket. Hansen will be the first Canadian to ever venture to the Moon.

(Ken Pole)

The federal budget plans to improve investigation of money laundering, presumably to chip away at Canada's reputation as a well-documented and particularly-safe haven for the global money laundering criminal element. 

May 15   (CP)

A recent Federal Court decision in favour of Facebook (now Meta) in a case tied to a British consultancy is being appealed by Privacy Commissioner Philippe Dufresne. Justice Michael Manson (Docket No. T-190-20) dismissed Dufresne’s request for a declaration that Facebook broke privacy laws by facilitating Cambridge Analytica’s access to subscribers without their consent.

May 09   (CP)

The federal government is earmarking $390 million over the next five years for provinces and territories to renew the fight against illegal firearms and gang violence. Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said May 8 that the money includes support for police and prevention programs.

May 08   (Reuters)

A Toronto-based Chinese diplomat has been given five days to leave the country after the government declared him persona non grata. “We will not tolerate any form of foreign interference,” Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said today, confirming that Zhao Wei had sought to target Toronto Conservative MP Michael Chong for having condemned China’s repression of its Uighur minority. China promised “countermeasures,” likely a reciprocal expulsion.

Polar Knowledge Canada
Canada's research station on Victoria Island, Nunavut, is a key stop for marine traffic passing through the Northwest...
EZ Raider
This electric-powered transportation system for security personnel and soldiers will soon have an autonomous version for added...
DRDC Valcartier Research
The Government of Canada is currently investing in infrastructure to provide defence scientists with modern (and green)...
27 April 2023   – 

The CAF is in crisis mode, attempting to deal with a lack of personnel and equipment, efforts to change its culture, operational pressures and reputational challenges. This huge machine cannot rapidly ramp up from dereliction when needed – it's time for Canadians to begin to recognize service to country as important, and give it the priority it deserves.

18 August 2022   – 

Interference is typically an extremely valid and indisputable concern, but in the case of the NS shooting spree, that argument is being used to obfuscate the real issue of communication negligence which resulted in deaths that could have been avoided.

10 August 2022   – 

Alberta awarded third prize of “Her Vision Inspires” contest to an essayist who argues that women should pick babies over careers, writing that importing "foreigners to replace ourselves is a sickly mentality that amounts to a drive for cultural suicide.”

27 June 2022   – 

Keeping Russia "at bay" is not a solution to the carnage happening in Ukraine. With Russia firing 10 times the amount of ammunition than Ukraine, Putin knows he will win, unless something changes.

24-26 May 2023
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
31 May - 1 June 2023
EY Centre, Ottawa, ON
19-25 June 2023
Le Bourget, Paris
Location TBD
25-27 July 2023
St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
10-11 August 2023
Tradex, Abbotsford, British Columbia
5-7 September 2023
Edgewood, Maryland
26 May 2023   (CBC)

Having officially assumed command of the RCMP after serving in an acting capacity since March, the new Commissioner, Michael Duheme, said May 25 that “change and growth” are his priorities for the beleaguered federal force, which has approximately 19,000 uniformed officers and 11,000 civilian staff. “My first priority […] is recruitment,” he said, addressing a concern raised by an oversight board earlier several weeks ago.

26 May 2023   (CTV)

Opposition MPs on a parliamentary committee have called for former Governor-General David Johnston, the government’s rapporteur on foreign interference, to testify by June 6. “It's essential that we do hear from him,” a Conservative committee member said May 25. “We want to take a closer look at the conclusions that he has.” Johnston had already offered to appear before a committee.

26 May 2023   (CBC)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has agreed to waive cabinet confidence rules for the National Security & Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians and the National Security & Intelligence Review Agency. They are to be given legal access to confidential elements of the report on foreign interference in Canada.

24 May 2023   (CBC)

As wildfires persist in the three western provinces and parts of the U.S., a peer-reviewed study published in a Britgish quarterly journal has drawn a measurable link to fossil fuel sector’s carbon emissions. Among other things, the researchers concluded that more than a third of the total burned forested areas in the regions between 1986-2021 can be traced back to 88 major fossil fuel producers and cement manufacturers.

24 May 2023   (Al Jazeera)

Despite airline industry questions about its legality under European Union rules, France has banned domestic short-haul flights over distances which can be serviced by rail in under two and a half hours. The measure is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

24 May 2023   (Al Jazeera)

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said today that western “pressure” was taking his country’s relationship with China to an “unprecedented high.” He was speaking in Beijing as officials signed agreements on trade and sports cooperation. After talks with Chinese Premier Li Qiang, he said the relationship is “characterised by mutual respect of each other’s interests, the desire to jointly respond to challenges […] and the pattern of sensational pressure from the collective West.”

24 May 2023   (CBC)

Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet has joined Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre in rejecting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's invitation to receive security clearances to review the confidential annex of special rapporteur David Johnston's report on foreign meddling in Canada. “It’s a trap,” Blanchette said May 23, echoing an accusation that the PM was trying to muzzle the opposition by imposing secrecy rules on what they might say afterward.

24 May 2023   (CP)

A 2021 ransomware attack on Newfoundland & Labrador’s health-care IT systems was “almost an inevitability,” says Sean Murray, research director for the province’s information and privacy commissioner. “Sometimes mistakes happen and accidents happen (but) in our estimation, that is not what happened,” he said today. “It was pretty clear that we did not have in this province appropriate cybersecurity measures in place […] and that was the major contributor.”

24 May 2023   (CBC)

Toronto MP Han Dong, who left the Liberal caucus in March to sit as an Independent, said today that he wants back in after the government’s special rapporteur on foreign meddling found that allegations against him were untrue. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Dong, who was born in China but moved to Canada with his family at the age of 13, “chose to step away” to clear his name and rejoining was his “choice.”

24 May 2023   (CBC)

Nearly five years after Canada and Saudi Arabia broke off most relations when Canada criticized the Saudis’ human rights record, they announced today that full diplomacy has been restored. Career diplomat Jean-Philippe Lineau, a former trade commissioner and most recently Consul General in Dubai, has been appointed ambassador to Riyadh.