Dr. Ed Amoroso   –  December 2008

Internationally respected Computer Engineer, Dr Amoroso presents a clear picture of cyber vulnerability and what he describes as our patchwork and ineffective reaction to it.

Dr James Jay Carafano   –  September 2008

An Interview with Dr. James Jay Carafano.

Jim Facette   –  July 2008

Crime and smuggling present serious security challenges at our airports.

Senator Colin Kenny   –  September 2007

One of the most comprehensive examinations of the state of our Maritime Security has been conducted by the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence. Where is this work headed and what expectations should we have?

Rear Admiral Roger Girourd   –  July 2007

The Commander of Joint Task Force (Pacific) discusses the challenges of natural disaster preparation.

Ron Moran   –  December 2006

An Interview with Ron Moran, National President, CEUDA (Customs and Excise Union Douanes, Assise).

Dr David Butler-Jones   –  July 2006

Dr David Butler-Jones heads the newly created Public Health Agency of Canada, providing leadership on the government's efforts to protect the health and safety of all Canadians. He is responsible for planning the National Pandemic Response.

Julian Fantino   –  March 2006

The Commissioner of Emergency Management in Ontario is responsible for providing leadership to all facets of the government's emergency management programs, including the provision of expert advice and guidance to the Premier and Cabinet on policy, procedures and legislation for provincial emergencies and other crises.