1 June 2023   (BBC)

Some social media platforms have been erasing posts about potential human rights abuses I what one executive has acknowledged may be an “overcautious” policy of deleting offensive content. YouTube and Facebook’s parent company, Meta, say they try to balance the duties to bear witness while also blocking possibly harmful posts.

1 June 2023   (CP)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has confirmed that the government is considering more protection for cabinet members and other MPs as threats against them increase. “We are looking into real measures,” he replied May 31 when a Quebec MP pointed out in the House of Commons that ministers in his province have bodyguards.

31 May 2023   (CP)

Former Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole, who is retiring from federal politics this summer, said May 30 that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service has told him he was the target of Chinese interference intended to discredit him and promote false narratives about his policies before and during the 2021 general election. He also faulted the agency and the government for not warning him ag the time.

31 May 2023   (CP)

A Quebec company, Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology, has agreed to pay some $10.5 million in a case involving attempted bribery of Philippines officials as it sought police contracts. This is according to a statement of facts about a court-approved deal with prosecutors to avoid prosecution in Canada, only the second deferred prosecution deal since the Criminal Code was amended in 2018 to address corporate malfeasance. Charges against four executives have been conditionally stayed.

31 May 2023   (CP)

Measured as gross domestic product, the Canadian economy expanding by an annualized 3.1% in the first quarter, increasing the odds for another Bank of Canada interest rate hike. Statistics Canada said today that the quarterly surge exceeded expectations not only of the central bank but also private-sector economists.

31 May 2023   (CTV)

The coronavirus-driven shift to remote and hybrid work for federal employees has accelerated a government plan to reduce its physical footprint across Canada. “There were opportunities even before the pandemic,” says Paul Thompson, Deputy Minister of Public Services & Procurement Canada, which manages some 6.2 million square metres of office space, more than half in the national capital region.

30 May 2023   (CBC)

The May 29 general election in Alberta has resulted in a reduced United Conservative majority government for Premier Danielle Smith, who immediately renewed her commitment to confronting the federal government on a range of issues. The UCP was leading or elected in 49 ridings today compared with 60 at dissolution of the legislature while the New Democratic Party under Rachel Notley saw its seats increase to 38 from 23.

30 May 2023   (EuroNews)

The World Health Organisation has verified 1,004 attacks on Ukraine’s healthcare system since Russia’s invasion began in February 2022. The WHO representative in Ukraine says the attacks have “wide-ranging, long-term consequences” and violate international law.

30 May 2023   (CBC)

The union representing Air Canada’s more than 4,000 pilots has pulled out of a 10-year deal which has given them annual pay increases of 2% over the first nine years. It sets the stage for “full bargaining this summer,” the union says. Canadian airline pilots have long complained they are paid less than their U.S. counterparts.

29 May 2023   (CP)

The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, which manages the primary retirement program for working Canadians, has reported a 1.3% return in the 2022-2023 fiscal year compared with the previous year’s 0.2%. Gains in private investment offset weak performance by stocks and bonds.