Putin remains dangerously defiant

CHRIS MacLEAN  –  Jun 27, 2022

Keeping Russia "at bay" is not a solution to the carnage happening in Ukraine. With Russia firing 10 times the amount of ammunition than Ukraine, Western countries need to dramatically increase whatever can be sent.

Ukraine needs missile protection, artillery, munitions and drones – in volumes that can lead to an actual cease-fire agreement so that diplomacy can begin to resolve the conflict – because rebuilding cannot begin until Russia stops bombing it to pieces.

A surprise to very few military leaders, global finger wagging and minor economic sanctions are not having the decisive effect politicians hoped for. In fact, Putin's defiance is blatantly obvious with the latest round of widespread bombing as G7 leaders gathered in Germany.

Despite the UN Convention prohibiting cluster bombs, Russia has repeatedly been accused of using them, with no response from the UN.

Chris MacLean is Editor-in-Chief at FrontLine Magazines