Time to modify the revolving door

SCOTT NEWARK  –  Aug 18, 2021

While on bail for other crimes, a repeat offender whose previous violent offence convictions resulted in a firearms prohibition order, commits armed robbery. The response from Corrections Canada is not what you might expect.

This history of violence and crime led the corrections system to release him early from the armed robbery offence, which he has now violated and is on the run. The OPP Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement squad has issued a request to the public for information regarding his whereabouts.

This revolving door needs to be rectified.

Maybe the presumptive early 'statutory release' after serving 2/3 of a sentence should be restricted to first offenders – and repeat offenders don't get the same treatment.

Parole should be a privilege to be earned and not a 'right' to be demanded.

Repeat offender sought

16 Aug 2021 – The Recorder and Times staff

A convicted federal offender known to frequent Brockville and Smiths Falls is wanted by the Repeat Offender Parole Enforcement (ROPE) Squad for breach of his statutory release...

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