28 February 2019  –  CHRIS MacLEAN

Ironically, now that the types of (alleged) backdoor political interference that are threatening the careers of even the most virtuous public servants, have been dragged into the sunshine, we are finding that sunny ways are not all that pretty.

27 February 2019

After the House of Commons Justice Committee wrapped up its multi-party questioning of former Attorney General Wilson-Raybould, Conservative Leader, Andrew Scheer called for the PM to resign.

26 February 2019  –  ANGUS REID POLL

The latest public opinion poll shows the SNC-Lavalin affair taking a toll on the Liberal government, with two-thirds of respondents agreeing it is a sign of ‘deeper scandal’ in the PMO.

21 February 2019  –  SCOTT NEWARK

Given the facts and the undeniable public interest in getting fentanyl and dealers off the streets, the Crown should appeal this ruling, but has decided not to. Which is more alarming? Read on.

6 February 2019  –  KEN POLE

Public Safety Minister Goodale says Canadians captured while fighting alongside terrorist groups in Syria will have to assume responsibility for their own decisions.

5 February 2019  –  KEN POLE

A new U.S. report indicates that the effects of climate change should be considered an issue of national security with potential impacts on DoD missions and military installations around the world over the next two decades.

2 February 2019  –  CHRIS MacLEAN

The Prime Minister's most trusted political advisor, a friend of many years, surprisingly resigned on Monday, setting off a maelstrom of speculation as to the depths of possible legal interference from high levels of the Trudeau government related to the SNC-Lavalin case.

21 January 2019  –  KEN POLE

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Ralph Goodale remains unconvinced that the US border with Canada merits more attention than it currently gets.

1 December 2018  –  KEN POLE

Cybersecurity is expected to be featured prominently in the first annual report from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.

6 November 2018  –  ANGUS REID POLL

Nine-in-ten Cdns say ‘no’ to future arms deals with Saudi Arabia but are divided over cancelling the current one.

4 November 2018  –  SCOTT NEWARK

Canadians were rightly outraged recently when disturbing news was revealed by the grief-sticken father of a brutally murdered young girl. The Government needs to learn from this case and take specific and substantive actions outlined here.

4 November 2018  –  SCOTT NEWARK

In response to the increase in asylum seekers, CBSA has substantially increased its targets for actual removals of non-citizens who have been ordered removed/deported from Canada.