24 November 2017  –  JAYA PRAKASH

To its dismay, Singapore is finding out that the very porous digital frontiers are not just affecting companies and commerce; government services and infrastructure are also at great risk from cyber terror.

23 November 2017  –  SCOTT NEWARK

We have just confirmed that the case in which a man was acquitted of sexual assault in part because he was unaware his actions were criminal will be appealed by the Ontario AG's Office. This critically important issue is still before the Courts and that the Government of Ontario is defending our secular rule of law.

19 November 2017  –  SCOTT NEWARK

Despite potential plans to return to Algeria to find a wife, Mohammed Harkat (detained in 2002 as a security risk by Canadian authorities) has not been deported due to fears for his safety. Instead, he is out on bail, seeking looser restrictions.

16 November 2017

A new poll by Ipsos shows that only half of global respondents are prepared to say things are getting better in terms of safety & security. The survey also looked at Values, World Affairs, Free Trade and Climate Change.

15 November 2017  –  CHRIS MacLEAN

An Ontario judge has ruled a man is not guilty of sexual assault because the Crown failed to prove that he knew his behaviour was criminal. Why has the Crown not yet filed to appeal this dangerous decision? We are all at risk.

31 October 2017  –  DAVID BERCUSON

Although supported by a large number of Canadians, the Liberal government’s pursuit of a free trade agreement with China ignores real security and defence vulnerabilities posed by such a relationship.

14 October 2017  –  JAYA PRAKASH

In view of the worsening security situation in the world, Singapore has passed new laws to protect its infrastructure.

5 October 2017  –  DAVID BERCUSON

The biggest obstacle to passage of Canadian Arctic waters is the lack of both navigation facilities and rescue services, and this requires heavy icebreakers, notes David Bercuson.

4 October 2017  –  ANGUS REID POLL

A new poll shows Quebec residents are supportive of their government’s efforts to ban the receiving or administering of public services with a covered face, and most disapprove of its response to this summer’s surge in irregular border-crossings.

3 October 2017  –  JAYA PRAKASH

Government recognizes a need to prepare the business sector to be vigilant for potential terror activity.

1 October 2017  –  SCOTT NEWARK

Bill C-22 creates, for the first time, a special Parliamentary Committee with a specific national security review mandate. This important accomplishment could be a valuable tool, the following issues merit substantive examination.

27 September 2017  –  JAYA PRAKASH

Al-Qaeda calls upon mujahid brothers to resist the oppression facing the ethnic Rohinhya minority in Myanmar.