12 June 2016  –  SCOTT NEWARK

In light of the June 12th terrorist attack in Florida, where it appears law enforcement agencies had some information regarding the killer’s support for IS, it is important to be aware of the Canadian preventive measures that could have been used if the subject was in Canada.

16 May 2016  –  CASEY BRUNELLE

To state that tensions between Russia and NATO have risen markedly in the last several years does little to improve understanding and insight of political realities.

18 April 2016  –  BRIAN BERUBE

The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence has just published a major study of strategic communications during the Afghanistan campaign that has some important lessons for both military and private sector communicators and planners.

5 April 2016  –  KEN POLE

Richard Fadden, who announced his retirement last week after nearly 40 years of public service, told CBC Radio's As It Happens that while ISIS does not pose an "existential" threat to Canada, it is accomplishing its prime objective of breeding terror.

17 March 2016

Debate over access to encrypted cell phone messages raises fundamental security and privacy issues. Why is this not a bigger issue in Canada? For one thing, it’s a political loser.

22 February 2016  –  SCOTT NEWARK

Reviewing the annually published Public Accounts, illuminates number of areas where a re-allocation of funds could revitalize public funding to be beneficial and relevant to more Canadians.

13 February 2016  –  SCOTT NEWARK

The RCMP update on its internal review following the 2014 shooting of five officers in Moncton is largely silent on preventive policy issues. More can be done.

11 February 2016  –  KEN POLE

The U.S. National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS), managed by the Department of Homeland Security, is only partly successful in detecting and preventing intrusions at federal agencies, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

21 January 2016  –  SCOTT NEWARK

The realities of power are sinking in on both the Prime Minister and the new Cabinet Ministers who, upon appointment, were provided with quite precise…and public…mandate letters.

19 January 2016  –  GEORGE PETROLEKAS

Tomorrow, the defence ministers from six nations will meet in Paris to discuss an acceleration and intensification of the coalition's efforts against the Islamic State. Canada will not be present. What does this absence mean?

18 December 2015  –  SCOTT NEWARK

Bad things happen when political correctness and bureaucratic risk aversion are prioritized over public safety.

3 December 2015  –  JONATHAN CALOF

Events like Securetech demonstrate just how varied the safety and security community is, and the broad range of subjects that need to be covered to help this group be more effective.