1 December 2009   (REPORTS)

W3C published a report and full minutes of the Workshop on Access Control Application Scenarios, held in Luxembourg on 17th and 18th of November 2009. Participants from 17 organizations examined the current limitations of access control, privacy enhancement, distributed handling of access control, and other challenging use cases.

30 November 2009   (Police Foundation)

(April 2009) Striking a Balance Between Immigration Enforcement and Civil Liberties. This report presents findings and recommendations from the Police Foundation's year-long national effort that examined the implications of immigration enforcement at the local level. The project brought together law enforcement executives, policy makers, elected officials, scholars, and community representatives in a series of focus groups across the country and at a national conference in Washington.

30 November 2009   (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)

As part of the Government of Canada's Avian Influenza and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Strategy, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute of Infection and Immunity was charged with developing and supporting pandemic influenza preparedness research programs. The CIHR supports research intended to improve Canada's ability to prevent and/or respond to an influenza pandemic. This document presents the findings of a formative, midterm evaluation of the research initiative.

15 November 2009

To predict the path and landfall of a hurricane or other coastal storm and assess the damage, emergency managers and scientists need continuous information on the storm's path, strength, predicted landfall, and expected damage over large areas. Satellite and airborne remote sensors can provide the required information in a timely and reliable way. The lessons learned from hurricane Katrina are helping optimize future approaches for tracking hurricanes and predicting their impact on coastal ecosystems and developed areas.

6 June 2009   (REPORTS)

(April 2009) This paper by Luis de la Corte and Andrea Giménez-Salinas offers a short review of the recent scientific literature regarding three main issues related to suicide violence.

28 January 2009   (REPORTS)

Marsh's Chemical Practice has produced a 2009 benchmark study that compares the risk management and insurance programs of more than 220 chemical industry buyers in the United States.

1 August 2008   (Govt of Canada)

This 2007 report, published jointly by the U.S. and Canadian governments, examines the current state of illicit drug smuggling across the United States-Canadian border. The report identifies the principal substances which are smuggled in both directions across the border. The authors place special emphasis on the cooperative efforts which law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border engage in and how this has influenced the movement of these illegal substances. (Note: be patient, this link takes a LONG time to load)

30 June 2008   (Senate of Canada)

(June 2008) Fourth Report from the Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans calls for more attention to the future role and capability of the Coast Guard.

15 November 2006

This primer is intended to serve as a quick reference in the event of a radiation disaster. It summarizes information on preparing for a radiation emergency, handling contaminated persons, dose assessment and radiation exposure health effects.