Sgt UDAY JASWAL Police Officer

Sergeant Jaswal joined the Ottawa Police Emergency Services Unit in 1999. He is a qualified Search Master under both the NASAR and ERI search systems and has substantial experience in conducting ground searches for missing persons and evidence searches related to criminal investigations. He is the Search and Rescue program coordinator for the Emergency Services Unit and the Chairperson of the Dementia Assistance Committee. Sgt. Uday Jaswal also has extensive experience training police and other professionals in Search and Rescue planning and response.

CATHERINE JOHNSTON Secure Identity Management

Catherine Johnston is the President and Chief Executive Officer of ACT Canada, a stakeholder association. In this role she works with users, governments, regulators, suppliers and privacy advocates. She is also the Chair of the International Smart Card Associations Network. Catherine has served on many public and private sector committees. Ms Johnston has taken a leading role in policy development discussions by national and international governments and has become a leading expert in privacy, secure identity management and card technologies. www.actcda.com


With over 36 years of experience, Michel is internationally recognized as one of our country’s foremost experts in international and national security and intelligence, and economic and industrial espionage. Now in the private sector, Michel is in demand across all continents to perform Threat and Risk Assessments and security audits.