Capt ALEXANDER LANDRY Security issues

Captain Alexander Landry, P.Eng, PMP is a Canadian military engineering officer currently serving within the Engineering Division at NATO Allied Land Command. He has experience on operational deployments both domestically for natural disaster response in Canada, and within an expeditionary setting in Ukraine. He currently writes for various professional journals on topics related to future security issues concerning both Canada and NATO. He volunteers as the Strategic Initiatives Specialist for the Canadian Journal of Emergency Management.

SCOTT LINDLEY Smartcard Technologies

Scott Lindley co-founded Farpointe Data in 2003, and since then has held the management leadership position of President and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to Farpointe, Scott was Director RFID Products at Keri Systems and Sales Manager North America at Motorola Indala Corporation. Scott holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona and a Bachelor of Arts from California State University in Sacramento, California.

MARTIN LISIUS Extreme Weather Safety

Known as the Storm Whisperer, Martin Lisius began tracking storms in the mid-1980s, and created the world's largest storm footage library. He founded and chairs the Texas Severe Storms Association, a national non-profit dedicated to severe weather education and mitigation, and host to the National Storm Conference. He has produced, written, and directed several television programs and worked with the Weather, Discovery and National Geographic channels. Martin has been a technical advisor for blockbuster movies and TV commercials, and recently authored The Ultimate Severe Weather Safety Guide, about mitigating the risks of potentially dangerous weather.

TIM LYNCH Defence and Security

Tim Lynch was a passionate journalist who wrote about Pacific Maritime issues from public policy perspective. He has researched and written several articles about law enforcement and security in the maritime setting. Before his death in January 2017, he had been engaged in defining the relationships among policy fields associated with National Defence and National Healthcare in Canada with the goal of defining security as a determinant of healthy communities.