BRIAN O'SHEA CEO, Striker Pierce, LLC

Brian O’Shea is the current CEO of Striker Pierce Investigations. Mr. O’Shea has over 20 years of experience in the intelligence and counter intelligence world. He has worked across multiple intelligence disciplines for various U.S. Intelligence Agencies, Private Competitive Intelligence Firms, Corporate Litigation and Investigative Teams. 

ADRIAN OBST Military and Defence Writer

Adrian's writing experience includes conducting interviews with industry and government leaders, MPs, and the first responder community. His focus is on innovation for the public safety and national security, which ultimately includes secure trade, business continuity and cyber. His interest in government relations allows him to highlight innovation and progress being driven by companies that are working towards Canada's bright future.

Dr. HELEN OFOSU Psychology

Dr. Helen Ofosu is a Career Coach and HR Consultant with I/O Advisory Services. She bases her advice on Psychology and has experience working in a Top Secret environment.

RICHARD OGLE Professor of Psychology

Richard Ogle, Ph.D. is Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department at University of North Carolina Wilmington. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2001 at University of New Mexico. His research interests are in the areas of substance abuse, trauma, and psychopathology. He has more than two dozen publications in top journals in the field of psychology, and he is Editor of the North Carolina Psychological Association newsletter. He is currently a Co-Principle Investigator on a 2.6 million dollar grant funded by the Department of Defense to develop and implement a treatment program for veterans with PTSD.

JILL OLEN Emergency Management

Jill Olen is the CEO of The Olen Group, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in public safety and homeland security issues. She served as San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Public Safety and Homeland Security during his first term. She had oversight of the City’s Police, Fire and Homeland Security Departments, Emergency Medical Services, Family Justice Center and Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention. Prior to moving to San Diego in late 2004, Olen served in several top level emergency services planning, operations, and policy posts as a senior civilian at the Pentagon.