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Clive Addy served for 35 years in the Canadian Forces. Among his many posts, he was Commander of the Cdn Brigade in Germany, Deputy Chief of Staff (Ops) at Central Army Group in Heidelberg, Chief of Staff of Mobile Command, and Commander of Land Forces, Western Canada. Retiring in 1996 at the rank of Major-General, he then helped draft an audit of Emergency Preparedness for British Columbia. Clive Addy is the founder and inspirational leader of the Ottawa-based National Security Group.

Articles by this writer

December 2020  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

With this edition, FrontLine Safety & Security welcomes its new Executive Editor, Pascal Rodier. His 30-plus years in public safety and emergency management will be a huge asset as he takes over the helm at FrontLine to continue bringing our readers pertinent content that is of interest to the Public Safety & Security communities in Canada and around the world.

July 2014  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

In his final Editor's Corner before retiring, Clive reflects on the security challenges we will be facing, and the change in scope and complexity of these challenges.

July 2014  |  Magazine

Public health in Canada is a shared responsibility between all three levels of government in collaboration with the private sector, non-government organizations, health professionals and the public. At its outset, the challenge of the H1N1 bird flu epidemic was well handled under the guidance of its highly-respected Dr. David Butler-Jones, Canada's first Chief Public Health Officer.

July 2014  |  Interviews, Magazine

FrontLine’s Executive Editor, Clive Addy, recently took the opportunity to speak with Dwayne Forsman, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Paramedic Association of Canada and Greg Forsyth, Superintendent Special operations of the Ottawa Paramedic Service some questions about the evolution of their profession.

March 2014  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

This edition of Frontline Security is dedicated primarily to the international impact of cyber attacks upon the reliability and security of all critical infrastructure ­systems.

March 2014  |  Magazine

The growing reliance on, and increasing numbers of attacks upon cyber components jeopardize the very life blood of our critical infrastructure.

December 2013  |  Interviews, Magazine

A look at the rising costs of police work and the increased need for imaginative options.

December 2013  |  Magazine

FrontLine Security goes beyond the headlines to learn how Canada can respond to the lessons from a stricken community.

December 2013  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

As we head into 2014, FrontLine Security offers pertinent ­reflections on the complex challenges of policing and disaster management.

December 2013  |  Magazine

Interview with Andre Corbould, Chief Assistant Deputy Minister, Alberta Flood Recovery Task Force is managing the recovery from the worst natural disaster in the history of Alberta in a Whole of Government response.

July 2013  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

Dealing with terrorism in a Globally connected world.

July 2013  |  Interviews, Magazine

Discussing the need for a national strategy that proactively addresses terrorism by emphasizing a community-based approach to preventing home grown radicalization and also to facilitate “deradicalization” efforts at home.

March 2013  |  Interviews, Magazine, Magazine

Public Affairs officers at CBSA respond to questions from FrontLine's Executive Editor, Clive Addy. This federal agency is responsible for the regulation and smooth flow and passage of legitimate people and goods across our borders into Canada.

March 2013  |  Interviews, Magazine, Magazine

Public Affairs officers at CBSA respond to questions from FrontLine's Executive Editor, Clive Addy. This federal agency is responsible for the regulation and smooth flow and passage of legitimate people and goods across our borders into Canada.

March 2013  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

A Sound 21st Century Approach to North American Security and Prosperity.

March 2013  |  Interviews, Magazine

Policing the Border: An exclusive FrontLine Security interview about border issues with the USA.

September 2012  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

We are on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the creation of a single Canadian federal department focused on “Public Safety.”

September 2012  |  Magazine

A synopsis of recent CBRNE reports and outlining plans created to prepare Canada and the U.S. against potential CBRNE threats and incidents.

March 2012  |  Magazine

Billions Spent, Millions Wasted

March 2012  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

In this issue we have focused on Emergency Response, primarily medical, and reflect on some serious proposals on Emergency Medical Services in Ontario. The Culture of Safety exposes responder safety challenges and highlights some innovations to resolve some of those issues.

March 2012  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

Frontline Security continues its thrust to influence national security policies.

December 2011  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

This issue’s theme of earth, wind, fire and ice attempts to address our preparedness to handle the Mother Nature concerns.

July 2011  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

Mother Nature's affect on us.

March 2011  |  Magazine

The Arctic poses a unique ''whole of government'' security challenges.

March 2011  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

 “What is the state of our emergency preparedness and security?”

December 2010  |  Magazine

Senator Segal discusses developments in Canadian anti-terrorism legislation and international cooperation.

December 2010  |  Magazine

The Minister of Public Safety Addresses the topic of emerging threats.

December 2010  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

Security and Emergency Management Challenges

July 2010  |  Magazine

How are ordinary people threatened by tainted money?

July 2010  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

This Summer 2010 edition deals with criminal financing and its effects on our security.

July 2010  |  Magazine

An interview with U.S. Deputy Director of Defense, William J. Lynn III.

March 2010  |  Interviews, Magazine

An interview with Lt-General Michael Jeffery drives home the need for strong leadership to ensure a resilient national security infrastructure.

March 2010  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

We all must capitalize on the fresh lessons learned ensuring that we can maintain and improve upon what works.

March 2010  |  Interviews, Magazine

Brian Rexrod exposes privacy threats.

December 2009  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

We need a National Security Policy, particularly its Emergency ­Preparedness and Critical Infrastructure ­Protection elements, and one which allies, neighbours, businesses, provinces and municipalities can, with confidence.

September 2009  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

This edition will focus on personal protection – how we can safeguard our own health and also the security of our personal identity data. Various organizations are trying to help us with both challenges, and FrontLine brings you an interesting selection of these options.

July 2009  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

Emergency and Public Health Preparedness, Border Security, Climate Change, Terrorism challenges, Crime prevention, Cyber Security advice… we have it all for your summer reading. Much to reflect upon in all these offerings … much to do in our homes and local and greater communities!

July 2009  |  Magazine

Dr. David Butler-Jones discusses his perspective on his role in the Public Health Agency of Canada, its achievements and ongoing challenges. Also the priority of prevention and healthy living.

March 2009  |  Interviews, Magazine

Assistant Commissioner Bud Mercer, Chief Operating Officer of the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit, has an enormous task to prepare security for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

March 2009  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

We are pleased that the federal government has awakened to the seriousness and broad scope of Cyber Security threats and is preparing a policy on this matter.

December 2008  |  Interviews, Magazine

Internationally respected Computer Engineer, Dr Amoroso presents a clear picture of cyber vulnerability and what he describes as our patchwork and ineffective reaction to it.

December 2008  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

A Sine Qua Non of our Mutual Economic Confidence

December 2008  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

Funding initiatives that make our borders more efficient and secure, a worthwhile and effective stimulus to our economy. A practical and remunerative initiative that the federal government must consider.

September 2008  |  Magazine

The usual industry trick, which is to scare the customer, define the problem and sell your product to avoid it, and, eventually, improve upon this protection with even more costly technical fixes.

September 2008  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

A Sine Qua Non of Economic Mutual Confidence

September 2008  |  Interviews, Magazine

An Interview with Dr. James Jay Carafano.

July 2008  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

Our Spring issue on Terrorism and Critical Infrastructure Protection ­generated much interest and comment.

July 2008  |  Interviews, Magazine

Crime and smuggling present serious security challenges at our airports.

July 2008  |  Magazine

Recent drug seizures from Canada indicate drug export remains a thriving trade. Acting RCMP Director General in charge of Drugs and Organized Crime discusses the situation with FrontLine's Executive Editor, Clive Addy.

March 2008  |  Magazine

Coordinator for 2010 Olympic and G8.

March 2008  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

Our main theme for this edition is on Critical Infrastructure Protection.

December 2007  |  Magazine

Our first look at the Winter Olympics

December 2007  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

An internationally recognized law enforce­ment and security expert, Coordinator of the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics talks about securing transportation during the Vancouver Winter Games: threats, training, financing and cooperation.

September 2007  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

In this our Fall issue, we have chosen to focus on Canada's Maritime Security ­primarily because of concerns following recent Senate Committee reports, and the obvious impact that a continued lack of reasonable maritime security would have on our safety and prosperity.

September 2007  |  Interviews, Magazine

One of the most comprehensive examinations of the state of our Maritime Security has been conducted by the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence. Where is this work headed and what expectations should we have?

July 2007  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

We have chosen to look at natrual disasters in this issue, more specifically what is being done about them, and what Emergency Preparedness truly means.

July 2007  |  Magazine

IDASSA 2007 is the second Natural Disaster exercise that the Republic of Croatia, in cooperation with NATOs Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC), has organized on its territory.

July 2007  |  Interviews, Magazine

The Commander of Joint Task Force (Pacific) discusses the challenges of natural disaster preparation.

December 2006  |  Interviews, Magazine

An Interview with Ron Moran, National President, CEUDA (Customs and Excise Union Douanes, Assise).

December 2006  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

The theme of this issue is very pertinent as it follows on the heels of recent ­pronouncements by Prime Minister Harper in Vancouver this summer and by U.S. President Bush in September.

July 2006  |  Interviews, Magazine

Dr David Butler-Jones heads the newly created Public Health Agency of Canada, providing leadership on the government's efforts to protect the health and safety of all Canadians. He is responsible for planning the National Pandemic Response.

July 2006  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

Process or progress?

March 2006  |  Interviews, Magazine

The Commissioner of Emergency Management in Ontario is responsible for providing leadership to all facets of the government's emergency management programs, including the provision of expert advice and guidance to the Premier and Cabinet on policy, procedures and legislation for provincial emergencies and other crises.

March 2006  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

I am very pleased to launch FRONTLINE SECURITY in the wake of the change in our national Government.