Chris got her start in the magazine business in 1976, at Canadian Review magazine. After many years in print management positions she eventually became the CEO of Beacon Publishing Inc, and has been the Editor-in-Chief of FrontLine magazines since 2004. Christina has interviewed many Generals and Admirals in the Canadian Armed Forces for the pages of FrontLine Defence over the years.

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August 2022  |  Opinion

Interference is typically an extremely valid and indisputable concern, but in the case of the NS shooting spree, that argument is being used to obfuscate the real issue of communication negligence which resulted in deaths that could have been avoided.

August 2022  |  Opinion

Alberta awarded third prize of “Her Vision Inspires” contest to an essayist who argues that women should pick babies over careers, writing that importing "foreigners to replace ourselves is a sickly mentality that amounts to a drive for cultural suicide.”

June 2022  |  Opinion

Keeping Russia "at bay" is not a solution to the carnage happening in Ukraine. With Russia firing 10 times the amount of ammunition than Ukraine, Putin knows he will win, unless something changes.

August 2021  |  Opinion

Efforts to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic depend on getting the majority of people vaccinated. What are epidemiologists and economists saying about the lack of progress?

May 2021  |  Opinion

DND alerted media Friday evening that MGen Dany Fortin, the public face of the federal vaccine rollout, is under investigation. Zero details. Short and cryptic. CTV News jumped into action and the details they uncovered highlight how damaging unnamed allegations can be.

February 2021  |  Opinion

Responding to calls for change, made after every major gun violence event, the federal government is ready to introduce new gun legislation as a next step to the May 2020 ban on numerous assault weapons.

January 2021  |  Opinion

As we anxiously await deliverance from COVID-19, remember the lessons learned in 1955. We must not rush production beyond its capacity to produce and administer a safe vaccine.

July 2020  |  Featured Article, Editor's Corner, Magazine

COVID has given us time to really see what we've done to the world, to evaluate our beliefs and the status quo. Don’t avoid the uncomfortable conversations, it's time to get with the 21st Century.

September 2019  |  Opinion

Canadians must be wondering if the courts share the interpretation that the law exists to protect public safety. An OpEd by Christie Blatchford details the recent Court of Appeal decision to overturn the conviction of two men found guilty of terrorism in 2015 (for a plot to attack Toronto-bound passenger train) and order a new trial over what the defence argued was improper jury selection.

March 2019  |  Opinion

Were repeated Liberal protestations, suggesting that former Minister Wilson-Raybould should have resigned rather than stick to her convictions, a factor in yesterday's resignation of Treasury Board Minister Jane Philpott?

March 2019  |  Opinion

A new Bill to create consequences for convicted killers, who refuse to reveal the location of their victim(s), has been introduced. The public should be aware of and support Bill C-437 for obvious reasons.

February 2019  |  Opinion

Ironically, now that the types of (alleged) backdoor political interference that are threatening the careers of even the most virtuous public servants, have been dragged into the sunshine, we are finding that sunny ways are not all that pretty.

February 2019  |  Opinion

The Prime Minister's most trusted political advisor, a friend of many years, surprisingly resigned on Monday, setting off a maelstrom of speculation as to the depths of possible legal interference from high levels of the Trudeau government related to the SNC-Lavalin case.

October 2018  |  Editor's Corner, Magazine

The recent revelation of a decision by Correctional Service Canada begs the question, how many other murderers are being released to spiritual healing lodges rather than serving their full sentences?

April 2018  |  Opinion

It will take some time to unpack the recent Yonge Street attack, however, Public Safety Minister Goodale dismisses the suggestion that there is a national security element to it. I was shocked to hear there is a thriving social group for men who are angry that they cannot get laid.

November 2017  |  Opinion

An Ontario judge has ruled a man is not guilty of sexual assault because the Crown failed to prove that he knew his behaviour was criminal. Why has the Crown not yet filed to appeal this dangerous decision? We are all at risk.

July 2017  |  Opinion

A new Angus Reid poll shows that 71% of Canadians feel Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the wrong choice in awarding an out of court settlement of $10.5 million to Omar Khadr. The question is: who is the PM representing?

November 2016  |  Interviews, Magazine

With a mandate to protect the protectors from biological warfare, Dr Jim Anderson heads the Biological Warfare Threat Medical Countermeasures project at National Defence.

September 2016  |  Magazine

For years, the Canadian Coast Guard has been managing a gap between requirements and budget. Reducing that gap has become a Liberal priority. FrontLine interviews Commissioner Jody Thomas about today’s challenges and solutions.

November 2015  |  Opinion

Rona Ambrose has been chosen by her fellow party members as the interim leader of the new Conservative party. Ambrose, a very experienced Minister who held the portfolios of Environment, Public Works, and Health during her time in the Conservative Cabinet, was at times impeded by an Opposition that often opposed for the sake of being combative...

August 2016  |  Magazine

The world’s total forest area is just over 4 billion hectares. Wildland Forest Fighters around the globe prepare and train to tackle the unique challenges of extinguishing these costly wildfires.