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Ken Pole is currently the longest-serving continuous active member of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery. A staff writer and desk editor with The Canadian Press in several bureaus across the country before moving to newspapers, he has been a freelance journalist since 1979, writing extensively on a range of military issues as while maintaining a keen interest in all aspects of civil fixed-wing and rotorcraft aviation. He is an avid sailor, diver and photographer as well as an aspiring guitarist.

Articles by this writer

February 2023  |  News, Don't Miss

A new paper from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute explores the financial cost of war using links between taxation and defence spending and drawing on data from 100 countries, including Ukraine. It offers evidence to understand how increases in military spending may affect tax structures, but also how low-income, autocratic and conflict-affected countries fund their military spending.

December 2022  |  News, Don't Miss

Canada’s international reputation in question as Cameron Ortis, former head of the RCMP’s National Intelligence Coordination Centre, is again free on bail pending his trial on security violations in late 2023.

December 2022  |  News

A 34-year-old Ontario resident and three Americans have been charged in the U.S. with conspiracy to provide financial support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS).

December 2021  |  News

With cybersecurity experts saying "the internet’s on fire", the federal government is warning all organizations to be on guard against a “critical internet vulnerability” that could be exploited by organized crime. A number of government departments took some services offline over the weekend to assess the threat posed by software used by an estimated two-thirds of web servers worldwide.

December 2021  |  News

The explicit reasons for the eventual dismissal of Drs. Qiu and Cheng from the National Microbiology Laboratory were immediately shrouded in secrecy. Was it legitimate or was it an ignorant reaction during a pandemic? The executive suite revolving door at PHAC in recent years may be contributing to the lack of transparency.

May 2021  |  Opinion

The political and now legal pipeline scrap between Enbridge and the government of Michigan has exposed the vulnerability of much of Eastern Canada’s economy.

December 2020  |  News

The Speech from the Throne signals that the new minority Liberal government is prepared to stay the course on the defence, security and foreign policies it committed to in the previous Parliament. Read the full text and some context here.

May 2019  |  Opinion

According to David McGuinty, the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians’ 2019 activities will assess enforcement and admin of immigration and customs laws and privacy issues.

March 2019  |  Opinion

The defence portion of the 2019 federal Budget includes renewing the Government's Middle East Strategy, and the security portion suggests changes to the business model of the Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA).

March 2019  |  Magazine

The defence portion of the 2019 federal Budget includes commitments to spend $1.39 billion (over the next two years) for renewing its Middle East Strategy, and up to $105.6 million (over three years) in continued support for Ukraine, while also stepping up Canada’s cyber security efforts.

February 2019  |  Opinion

Public Safety Minister Goodale says Canadians captured while fighting alongside terrorist groups in Syria will have to assume responsibility for their own decisions.

February 2019  |  Opinion

A new U.S. report indicates that the effects of climate change should be considered an issue of national security with potential impacts on DoD missions and military installations around the world over the next two decades.

January 2019  |  Magazine

The Government of Canada is ramping up efforts to ensure that neither the coming election campaign, nor the vote itself, are influenced by malicious, net-based interference.

January 2019  |  Opinion, News

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Ralph Goodale remains unconvinced that the US border with Canada merits more attention than it currently gets.

December 2018  |  Magazine

NATO has established defensive battle groups in the three Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) to protect them from potential Russian advances. How is Canada helping this effort?

December 2018  |  Opinion

Cybersecurity is expected to be featured prominently in the first annual report from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.

October 2018  |  Magazine

Fully operational by mid-August, the Canadian task force is fully involved in logistical support, ferrying UN soldiers around the country in Chinook and Griffon helicopters for “presence projection” missions.

August 2018  |  Magazine

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has been set up by the government as a single point of authority for combatting cyber crime.

May 2018  |  Opinion, News

While the Government Accountability Office notes that the DOD faces “new challenges as adversaries try to steal national security information and technology at unprecedented rate, ” the White House eliminated its Senior Cyber Policy Office.

April 2018  |  News

During a press conference on Parliament Hill today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg answered questions about cyber security and Northern defence.

February 2018  |  News

The global surge in cyber crime – related to both national and personal security – has prompted the federal government to unveil plans for a National Cyber Security Strategy.

September 2017  |  News

The PM has reaffirmed that Canada will continue to push for one of the temporary seats on the United Nations Security Council when it becomes open in four years.

April 2017  |  Opinion

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale has confirmed that the RCMP and CSIS are investigating a report that cell phone use around Parliament Hill is being snooped on through their unique subscriber identify module or simcard.

April 2016  |  Opinion

Richard Fadden, who announced his retirement last week after nearly 40 years of public service, told CBC Radio's As It Happens that while ISIS does not pose an "existential" threat to Canada, it is accomplishing its prime objective of breeding terror.

February 2016  |  Opinion

The U.S. National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS), managed by the Department of Homeland Security, is only partly successful in detecting and preventing intrusions at federal agencies, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

September 2015  |  Opinion

There’s a body of opinion which holds that retired military officers should eschew politics, that lending their names and/or ranks to a political campaign is a form of prostitution, and that using their experience and leadership skills in the civilian world is somehow "wrong".

July 2014  |  Magazine, Magazine

FrontLine Staff Writer Ken Pole looks at the latest in simulators and their role in training our officers in situations that they may not otherwise experience and examine how they react.

July 2014  |  Magazine, Magazine

FrontLine Staff Writer Ken Pole looks at the latest in simulators and their role in training our officers in situations that they may not otherwise experience and examine how they react.

March 2014  |  Magazine

A quick lesson on how to direct an unwanted competition. Transparency is clearly a matter of perspective.

March 2014  |  Magazine

Examining cooperation between the European Union and Canada.

December 2013  |  Magazine

Transport Canada will now require major railway companies to provide detailed information on their cargoes – but the reports will only cover what has been ­previously shipped. Municipalities and first responders will still have no idea what's about to come through their town.

June 2012  |  Magazine

Though well-recognized as vital in the public safety and security sector, interoperable communications remain a constant challenge.

December 2011  |  Magazine

Authorities at all levels, as well as utilities and major manufacturers, have been trying to figure out how to handle the inevitable next major ice storm.