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After graduating from Seneca College’s Aviation and Flight Technology program in 1989, Blair flew aerial survey in several countries. Between 1996 and 2005, he worked in air traffic control training, airport operations and project management, airline instructional design, and technical writing. He then began a writing career, covering military and homeland security topics. Sadly, Blair passed away in 2014.

Articles by this writer

July 2014  |  Magazine

Watson takes a look at the differences between synthetic and vs traditional true-name theft. What should you look out for?

March 2013  |  Magazine

Do our immigration policies and procedures create enforcement gaps?

June 2012  |  Magazine

EMAs as diverse as Manitoba Louisiana share a common goal: to prepare for and mitigate against flood damage.

March 2012  |  Magazine, Magazine

Protecting the Information Fortress

March 2012  |  Magazine, Magazine

Protecting the Information Fortress

July 2011  |  Magazine

Sharing resources to combat wildfires "from manpower to technology" is proving helpful worldwide.

December 2010  |  Magazine

When a pilot declares an emergency, the aviation system responds with precision.

July 2010  |  Magazine

Fake e-passports are going undetected.

March 2010  |  Magazine

Solutions designed for sustainability.

December 2009  |  Magazine

For six generations, approximately 95% of the Canada-US border was undefended, however, smuggling and terror concerns have changed the way we look at our friendly border.

September 2009  |  Magazine

Examples of the multi-million-dollar problem of credit card fraud abound. Technological advances plus the jump in internet purchases, this type of fraud is becoming an increasing problem.

July 2009  |  Magazine

Canadian and U.S. law enforcement officials together on our waterways.