Customs and Borders

Born in Bristol, England and immigrating to Canada, Barry Risk has enjoyed all the riches that Canada can provide. Over his 35-year career in Customs, he has witnessed many changes to his area of expertise, border protection. He has travelled and worked in many parts of Canada. His career, from field officer to Counter-Terrorism intelligence Officer, began in Toronto and finished off at CBSA headquarters. He has won many awards of excellence and Ministerial awards, and takes particular pride in his medals for Peacekeeper, Peace Officer, and the 125 medal. His recently authored the book "The Thinner Blue Line", published by Burnstown Publishing House, journeys through his 35 years of border protection and the complexities of the Customs Service. 

Articles by this writer

May 2018  |  Magazine

Few Canadians know about the relationship between the Canadian Armed Forces and Customs, now called the Canada Border Services Agency.