Cyberspace Solutions

Dave is Chief Strategist, Defence and Security at ADGA. Prior to that, he was the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Bell Security Solutions Inc., and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the SecDev Cyber Corp. He has a broad-spectrum of experience working at the intersection of cyberspace, social and political change, competition and conflict.

Articles by this writer

June 2021  |  Magazine

The art of deception and misdirection, particularly in the cyber domain, is being widely practiced and diligently perfected by others. The dangers of social media deception are real, but are we countering?

August 2017  |  Magazine

In this age, the mouse has proved mightier than the missile, and the accessibility of the cyber space contributes to the fog and friction of war.

September 2016  |  Magazine

Cyber is a common thread that runs through the national security portfolio, defence and foreign policy, public safety’s security ­strategy, and critical infrastructure protection requirements of both the public and private sectors.

March 2014  |  Magazine

Cyber is the nervous system that binds all other critical sectors, and upon which other sectors are most dependent.

December 2013  |  Magazine

Digital networking of those attending the Winter Olympics, will be under intense scrutiny before, during and after the Games.

July 2010  |  Magazine

Espionage has been described as ''the second oldest profession'', and just as honourable as the first.

March 2008  |  Magazine

Public and private sector executives are being targeted by organized crime and hostile intelligence agencies using phishing tactics. The annual cost of foreign-launched cyber-attacks against Canada ?currently rivals our entire defence budget.