Political Science

Based in Alberta, Kevin Hampson is a journalist and freelance writer. His columns have been published in the Edmonton Sun, the Calgary Sun, the Montreal Gazette online, and numerous community papers. He has become a regular contributor to FrontLine Security. He earned a BA in history and political science from McGill University. 

Articles by this writer

August 2016  |  Magazine

The world’s total forest area is just over 4 billion hectares. Wildland Forest Fighters around the globe prepare and train to tackle the unique challenges of extinguishing these costly wildfires.

May 2016  |  Magazine

Is Political Correctness stopping us from asking the right questions for effective national security? A look at a disturbing global trend that includes revelations of abuse of at-risk women and children being covered up in European cities.

July 2015  |  Magazine

Is law enforcement's paramilitary culture and its inherent warrior ethos incongruous with today’s society? Does it improve or hinder mission success?

March 2015  |  Magazine

A decade after the Mayerthorpe incident, many observers say the RCMP still haven't learned the lessons – even after the similar tragedy in Moncton in June of 2014. These two tragic incidents have become intertwined, both indicative of the inertia that exists when it comes to making changes within the RCMP.