Now a writer and biotechnology consultant, John acquired a PhD in genetics from the University of Washington in Seattle, and completed postdoctoral studies in Italy at the University di Pavia and Philadelphia at the Fox Chase Cancer Institute. He has held faculty positions at the University of Kansas and at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. His writings include peer-reviewed journal papers, books and marketing reports.

Articles by this writer

November 2016  |  Magazine

A new method of modifying DNA appears poised to have a big impact on bio medicine, will it be used for good or ill?

December 2009  |  Magazine

According to Dr Wolfgang Kröger, ''we seek to help avoid systems collapse through the application of high quality technical and organizational tools; the goal being to prevent minor incidents from expanding into catastrophic failures.''

September 2009  |  Magazine

The Evolva process seeks to shorten the time required to produce a successful pharmaceutical product.

July 2009  |  Magazine

Mobilizing effective and humanitarian action to mitigate worldwide disasters.