Security & Intelligence

Peter Avis served on a number of frigates and destroyers, was the XO of HMCS Ville de Quebec and the elite Sea Training Unit, and was CO of HMCS Fredericton. He served as senior policy advisor for Transportation Security and Emergency Mgmt in the PCO. He was called back to NDHQ as Chief of Staff for the Board of Inquiry on Detainees in Afghanistan. Retired in 2008, he joined Lansdowne Technologies as a Senior Consultant for Defence and Security.

Articles by this writer

July 2011  |  Magazine

This examination of port security from a Canadian perspective takes the 3 R's a step further by looking at a federal policy position on MCR.

March 2010  |  Magazine

Requires seemless, multi-source data fusion.

December 2009  |  Magazine

The government has recognized the vulnerable position the western world finds itself in, and legislation, policy, and funding have progressed to close gaps and reduce vulnerabilities revealed since 9/11.

March 2009  |  Magazine

This vast, continent-wide network of land, sea, air, and cybernetic interconnections weaves through each pillar of our democracy. From a national security perspective, the gateway and corridor system of systems is a purely strategic notion.

July 2008  |  Magazine

Formulating and implementing good governance for security.

September 2007  |  Magazine

Canadians are learning that National Security is a modern imperative that requires profound thought, development, investment, resourcing, and most of all government leadership and action.

September 2006  |  Magazine

It's up to us to disrupt it.

July 2006  |  Magazine

Canadians have been forced to learn a great deal about National Security in the four years since 9/11.

March 2006  |  Magazine

Let's examine what strategy means in the context of modern, integrated government activity.