Counterterroism & Counterintelligence

A Senior Fellow at the Canadian Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies, Carleton University, and a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies in the UK, Angela's fields of research relate to counterterrorism; counterintelligence; domestic overhead surveillance using unmanned aerial systems; cyber security strategy; and critical infrastructure protection.

Articles by this writer

July 2013  |  Magazine

The United Kingdom’s response to terrorism has been shaped by the various threats it has faced during the 20th century – from Russian anarchists, Irish republicans, Middle Eastern groups, to the supporters of causes such as animal rights. However, an ongoing and serious terrorist threat to Northern Ireland remains. Currently, the UK assesses its most significant risk to national security as that from terrorism ­associated with and influenced by al-Qaeda.

March 2009  |  Magazine

The term Islamo-fascism has come to denote intolerant if not fanatical actions and behaviour. The reluctance of mainstream Muslims to condemn these activities and behaviour may stem from ambiguities and divisions within Islam.