Information Security

As the Customer-Chief Information Security Officer (C-CISO)/ Security Liaison Officer for Bell Canada, Tyson Macaulay was responsible for technical and operational risk management solutions for the defence industry to high-tech start-ups. Previously, Tyson served as Director of Risk Management for a U.S. defence contractor in Ottawa - Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA 2001-2005), and founded General Network Services (GNS 1996-2001).

Articles by this writer

March 2015  |  Magazine

Sensor networks are not born of the Internet and are not intended to exist on the Internet. They possess unique security requirements compared to systems and service found on the Internet, and are a poor fit for legacy security designs.

December 2010  |  Magazine

Measuring CII is too complex - indicator metrics can provide key insights.

July 2008  |  Magazine

Assessing risks to our Interdependent Critical Infrastructures.